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Natural born goalgetter

I had a feeling that this could be my corner. Hyypiä advices me to run towards backpost. First I made a run for my defender and then for myself, same time I saw ball coming to me. Ball was in the middle of my leg and then in goal. YEEEEES! The feeling was unbelievable, from toe to head I was shivering. This was my day. But most of all it was a good day for Finland. It is a long while since I have had this good news. Our world cup qualification got a good start and I made the matchwinner 2-1 against Albania. I was dissapointed not to start the game but I got in from half time. Game was not any special, but it was three points and thats it. We got what we wanted. I dont care if somebody says that we were not good. It think it is quite good to be leader in the qualification group. For me this was perfection. My year has been full of shit, failures and bad results. Now I felt good again and I was strong. Whole week I had so much fun in the field and off the field. Teamspirit and players abilities were excellent, it was lovely to play football. I played my own position in the center of midfield and I was so proud to carry nationalteam colors. And then I scored. I helped my dear Finland to win important game. It was yesterday, but I am still smiling. I have decided that this has to happen again. Maybe against Greece or England, but I hope already before, next chance is wednesday against Viking. This time I recommend restaurant Helsinki Club, Jari Tervos Minun sukuni tarina -book and scoring goals. I do not recommend movie X-men and Iltalehti -magazine.

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