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Gods of Athens

Hellas- Finland 1-0.
Litmanius, the God of tecnic, is serving passes to Kolkkas, the God of speedness. Hyypiäs, the God of air, is dominating in the defence and Niemis, the God of reflex saves, is unbeatable in the goal. However in the even game can also Gods make mistakes. Litmanius makes a decisive failpass in 2 against zero attack. On the other end Niemis is beaten after series of fails in the defence. Finland, zero points. Sounds like European song contest. However this tastes more bitter. We absolutely had all the chance in the world to win or atleast take a point. We cant give points away this easy anymore. Riihilahtius, the God of substitute bench, was warming up a lot. However this handsome God could only make some sprints after the game in the empty and dark Olympic stadium of Athens. He was the God of dissapointment.
My time will come,

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