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You never walk alone

England- Finland 2-1

I can see, feel, hear, smell lot of traditions and legends when I take my place in the queue. Down the "You never walk alone" -stairs and in to the full and loud Anfield stadium. When I hear the national anthems and feel the atmosphere, I think its damn lovely to play football today. I am fortunate to be part of this, lets give everyone something.

England is a big football nation with extremely good team. Finland is good in ice-hockey. However the game always starts 0-0 and we really had our moments. In the first half we were organized and played some good football. I was really enjoying it.

Then comes the corner and I see the ball coming, my marker Ferdinand doesnt see me. With little help from Neville Finland is 0-1 up. The moment is not from this world. Later the English media tried to stole the goal from me, but officially in FIFA stats it is mine. Actually who cares? I would change that goal to one point or three if I could. England scored twice and we ended up bitterly with zero points.

England scored also two deflections; overall the game was even. In the end we had the big chance but it doesnt count. We didnt play bad and there are lot of ifs in the air. However you have the respect the game, the opponent and the result. England was one goal better. No points is bad result for us. Now it is difficult to qualify but Finland will never give up. It is still four games to go and I really hope the Germans will eat their snitchels at home and watch from telly England and Finland playing in the World Cup.

For me it was a good game. Thanks to the team working very good I had an easy job marking Scholes and I also got involved a lot. It was really fun this time. In the end I am dissapointed to lose the game, but I see lot of possitive in this one. The game showed that Finland is an respectable side and we can win any game in the world. At the moment we still need the final sharpeness to get there.

It was a decent start to my adventure in England. Now I am looking forward to playing my new team Crystal Palace. First one is on saturday at Selhurst Park. It will be also my first victory.

This week I recommend,
1. Hotel Hilton at Croydon
2. Restaurant Dario's at Beckenham
3. Blue bar at Liverpool
4. Horse racing

I do not recommend
1. Driving in London
2. Driving in the left side of the road
3. Fish and chips

God save the queen,


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