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Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace - Crewe Alexandra 1-0

Life gives and life takes, but you never know where you end up next. Four weeks ago I would never have thought that I would play in England this season. Three weeks ago I would never have thought that I would play this game. Two weeks ago I would never have thought that I play this game for Crystal Palace. Today I am happy that I did.

Crystal Palace FC is a big club with lots of potential. Atmosphere at Selhurst Park was ingredible. I dont know many clubs in the world that has over 20 000 spectators in first division after six defeats. Thank you for the supporters for trusting us. There is more to come.

Crewe Alexandra is a good team, very respectable club and opponent. It was a bit weard to play against players that I actually knew better than my own teammates. Now I begin to know my team better and I am very pleased with it. We have lot of good players, qualities and knowledge. I enjoyed to play with these lads, although i dont understand anything what that Scotish striker is talking, he should really learn English.

In the game we created enough and we defended decently. We deserved to win this one. However there is still lot to improve. In the end of the season it is very crucial to be efficient in both boxes. When stakes are high and the differences small every single ball can be the decisive one. There is only one statistic in the football world: it is the final score. Everything else is explanations.

It was my debut and I was more excited for this one than meeting England last Saturday. We won with ok performance. Three points makes me happy. For me the game feels very different what I am used to. On the second half I felt more comfortable. We worked as a team, which will be the most important thing in the end of the season. As long as we keep it compact and work together, we keep also clean sheet. That will be enough, because Dean Austin keeps on scoring the match winners for us.

I enjoy playing for Crystal Palace. The set up is nice, the opportunities are huge and team mates are funny. I have meet lot of good people and I have been taken very good care of here. Only thing that bothers me is that some ridicilously looking team mates are moaning about my clothes. Lets face it lads, we are not in the nineties anymore, at this millennium you are allowed to look good. If you wake up you will understand that the jumper was stylish ;)

This week I recommend:
1. Yellow jumpers
2. Moby : Play

I do not recommend:
1. Early wake-up calls
2. Boring clothes from nineties

I am hungry,


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