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80 minutes

Watford-Crystal Palace 2-2

We absolutely murdered them. They did not have any shots on goal. We created and dominated. We were clearly the best team. But only 80 minutes.

We had a full control and I was sure that we will win this one. Then we lose our lines and concentration for a short while and we almost ended up with no points. It was so unnecessary. Why to work like hell 80 minutes only to throw it all away by playing like Sunday league 10 minutes. If we had been Manchester United we had made the second goal and finished the game. This time we were not good enough, not efficient enough, not winners enough.

First half was the best I have experienced so far here in Crystal Palace. The ball and players were moving good and our lines were strong. There was lot of positive in the game and we played more football than in the last two games.

We have now taken five points from the last three games. We still have six games to go and if keep the same point average that should be enough. Ofcourse our goal is to take 18 points.

I was very pleased to see such a many Palace supporters in Watford, thank you for your help. After the game I had chance to visit youth team from Purley. It was nice to meet young players full of passion and joy for the game. After a nice presentation with them I started to remember my younger years. I sure have some fine memories, because I actually scored once in training back in 1992!

This time I recommend
1. Pizza Express
2. Vegetarian food
3. Sunday league
4. Youth football
5. 1992

I do not recommend
1. Pirate taxis
2. Using Norwegian mobile phone in England

Come on Eagles,


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