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Last minutes

My football season is nearly over. The sun, babes, nightclubs and all the summery fun is waiting, and still has to for one week. Next Saturdays qualification game against Germany is the summers highlight. Home stadium, home growd, home city and a good chance for home victory. It is the moment of truth for Finnish football. If we want seriously to the World Cup we have to either win this game or win this game. Otherwise we can continue this meaningless conversation that we have made progress, and justify it with no results.
Germany has shown that it is a powerful team. They have better players than we have. That is why we have to be better as a team. We have to be clever and tough. That is what Finnish people are like. We are capable to win but it requires a good game. That we have ordered. And like New Radicals you only get what you give. Or Order.
The reparation for the game is unsual. Since I should be on holiday I have to find different ways to concentrate to the game. I have matched my days so that I can train with different Finnish top teams and some golf courses as well.
My mental reparation was to participate my final exams of economy in the University of Oslo. I did better than Finland in the European song contests. Well, what can you expect with one week reading and answering with foreign language. Actually I passed with good margin and decent grades. And if brainless football player can pass one years studies with one week reading what has the other students done whole year? Anyways it is just a hobby, football is both - work and hobby. The relation with studies and football this year is that it can be left into the last minutes. The answers will come in the end. Answers.

This week I recommend
1. Töölö Gym
2. TV Nelonen
3. Paloheinä golf range
4. Shopping

I do not recommend
1. The watcher -movie
2. Kaarle XII -restaurant
3. Being too much in news

It was not me,
Aki Shaggy Riihilahti

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