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Schön or schaisse

Finland - Germany 2-2

Great result for Finland! First time Finland managed to get a point from Germany! These headlines are wrong. These headlines should be different. I should have written them differently. Greatest victory for Finland ever! Riihilahti cracked germans with 3-0 goal!
It was our best chance ever to win Germany. It was my best chance ever in the national team to score a goal. I was at the right place at the right time, but the touch was not right. It would have decided the game. And in this level it should have.
I made a long run from the own penalty box. I lost my marker. I asked for it. I got it. But the reflex chose the wrong finnish. It was not there.
It was just a one small situation in the otherwise such a good game. It certainly did not help opponents to score two goals twenty minutes after. And it was not a turning point for the game. However it was the situation that I dreamed and were prepared, a potential winner. I should have done better. It was a true iamaherotodayball.
The game was a big drama. The excellent crowd got everything. First the German pressure in our goal. Then our domination. Referees misjudgements. Dramatic recovery. Chances after chances. Tackles, tempo, tecnical magic, everything. It was a great day to be a supporter. It was almost a great day to be a Finnish international. Was it a great day to be me? Yes and no. I am at the point that I cant say either schön or schaisse. That is why I do not speak german.
We have now played five qualification games, guite good ones all of them. In each game we could have made better result. There are plenty of situation that could have made the world different, like mine on saturday. Although I look it subjectively as I am a Finn, I think we have been robbed too often. It is painful to admit that the situation in the group is not good. It is painful to admit that we have not been good enough to take the points we have deserved. Sometimes it is just the knee that is painful.
My preparation for this game was long and hard. Now I am on summer holiday. And all I can think of is putting the fucking ball into the net at 21.03, 2. of June. It haunts me.
The reality is that it was a good game. I played decently. One point just feels like a defeat. Lets look the bright point. This tells much about the game, Finnish football and me.

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Ich liebe dich,

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