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Hotels in the world

Tiverton - Crystal Palace 1-2
Torquay - Crystal Palace 0-4
Exeter - Crystal Palace 0-5
Cardiff - Crystal Palace 4-0

No points were given from these games. Meaning of friendly games is to get used to playing again and practise tactics and systems for the season. However it is always a good habbit to win and any player should not accept the result in Cardiff.

We have done Spain and Devon this season. During this year I have also played football in Oman, Norway, Sweden, Kuwait, Wales, Luxembourg, Finland, England, Estland and even Tranmere! And in my career I have played football in 36 countries. So basically I have seen almost everything in the world. Yeah right! I have seen just different hotels and stadiums. I have been just minutes away from the most exciting places and sights I could ever imagine. And still I have seen just broken paytv's and dusty breakfasts. Cant go anywhere, not much to do. Well, you can go to collect air miles bonus points from the reception.

Previous years I have spent over 90 days every year in hotels. That kind of life is as exciting as BBC1 -channel. Last night was my first in my new home. The pillow felt different than the one at Hiltons. It was not as good as Saturday night fever but What a feeling anyway.

This week I recommend:
1. Nike San Siro -boots
2. Saturday night fever -movie
3. Devon
4. Bagattis restaurant in Croydon

I do not recommend:
1. Hotels
2. BBC1 -channel
3. Vehicles without airconditioning

What a feeling,

Aki Travolta

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