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Nottingham Forest - Crystal Palace FC 4-2

Really dissapointed. We had to let them to two goals lead again. Only after that we got some drive. We got them and were just about to pass them. We were in the faster line with the a faster car. Then the invisible truck forced us to pull over. We were not beaten by the opponents. We beat ourselves.
To ease my anger I do not want to write about football. It is better to concentrate on sandwiches. The ideal sandwich is not an easy case. Everything starts with the process of making a sandwich. It is the dull first part of the "sandwiching". You have to collect all the ingredients and tools and work hard to have a good base of the actual sandwich -time.
Making the sandwich is also very delicat matter. There are lot of ways of doing it, but not all of them turns out to be a success. It is important to start with a solid base which means a hard and tight wholewheat bread. When the bottom part of sandwich is simple and solid it is much easier to be creative on the top. If you go wrong here, there is few ways to save anything.
Then it is upto the sandwichmaker and eater how the rest will be produced. The sky is the limit and there are numerous of different ways of making a delicious meal. Mistakes can be done here but they are not so crucial here than in the bottom parts. Creativity and surprise are always positive.
Other point is also that preparation and making the sandwich are the hardest part. Eating is the reason why there are sandwiches. It is the only fun part. Sometimes it is not that delicious but the most important things is that there are sandwiches.
I am in Albania and I am hungry.

This week I recommend
1. Metaphores
2. Sandwiches
3. Women in Albania
4. Wholewheat bread

I do not recommend
1. Business center in hotel Europapark in Tirana
2. Not scoring
3. Toasts

Eat this,


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