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Leyton Orient - Crystal Palace FC 2-4

We like to do it the hard way. It is almost frightening that we play only in the second halves. I am ill and tired and my parking time is almost over so I am not going to analyze more about yesterdays game. We are in the next round, that is enough.

There are some changes in the air. It is more of a matter of questions and questioning. You may have noticed that I have not answered any of the many nice questions lately. That is because I am waiting for the nasty ones. Not really. The reason is that my homepages will be cancelled next week. So for now on You can go to read about some other blonde 1. division players homepages if You want.

Or You can join me into my new homepages www.akiriihilahti.com that opens next week. The change is purely to ease up things and updating. There were nothing wrong in the old ones, or maybe the picture in the right top hand corner on your screen.

Many of the remaining questions will be answered in the new homepages. I have also a question for You. Three questions actually.

1. If You have somewhere any of the stolen stories ( stories between October and February ), could You be so kind to send them to me to akivpnno@hotmail.com?
2. If You have any ideas or thoughts or feedback about how my new homepages should looklike, could You be so kind to share the knowledge with me at akivpnno@hotmail.com?
3. If You know why blue toothpaste is better than other toothpastes, could You be so kind to keep the knowledge with yourself, because I am still in the middle of the process of finding it out myself?

So I need Your help. I hope I can get any of the stories and other mail to akivpnno@hotmail.com . The e-mail address will be open two weeks from now.

Today I recommend:
1. Answering questions
2. www.akiriihilahti.com
3. www.aki.vpn.no

I do not recommend:
1. Getting parking ticket
2. Other than blue toothpastes
3. Being ill

Aki, the sickboy with questions

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