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Crystal Palace - Millwall 1-3

Absolutely horrible birthday present to lose this one. We were comfortable in the first half but lost it in the second. We lacked everything we are good at and played the football they play. Plus the fighting spirit in a local derby was unexcusably low in the second half. We owe a big one to our fans now. I did not get the engine going good enough and I felt lost wide in the right hand side. Poor performance, sorry about that.
I was little down and decided to turn telephones off and have a quiet birthday. Just me, U2 and Pablo Neruda. Then it got me that I am 25. So does that mean that I am not young and talented anymore! I am damn closer to 50 than my own birth. I checked but did not have any gray hair. Lucky me, lovely to be blond. I also checked back to my life. What have I done in 25 years?
- I have slept a lot
- I have pissed my pants in a kindergarden
- I have tried to participate everything possible
- I have studied
- I have scared people by yielling that I am going to jump
- I have gratuated from couple of schools
- I have been in the army
- I have worked as a teacher
- I have painted a horrible picture
- I have dated girls
- I have played some football
- I have erased my beard with nails
- I have written a book
- I have done great deal of different sports
- I have travelled
- I have spoken some Portugese
- I have always been involved
- I have done some clubbing
- I have performed in a wrong time
- I have tried to play clarinet
- I have tried to forget that
- I have done some bussiness
- I have lived in Norway
- I have socialised a lot
- Sometimes I just have watched a poor film
- I have had fun
- I have also been miserable
- I have recommended
- I have been really happy
- I have done only half of the things I want to

So my life has not been useless. At least I have tried. I have already been at Rotherham, havent I. Quarter of the century has gone now with Aki -dynasty and the world is a much better place already. This is the self talk everyone has to go through at birthday and convince themselves that the next year will be even better and for now on we dont count anymore.
After Neruda and U2 were done, I turned my phones on again. Messages kept coming. The warm breath got through me. That is what friends are for. Even though I dont rate birthdays that much, it is always nice to be remembered by friends. Then I realised that I have forgotten 90 % of the birthdays I should remember. Sorry. But how on earth people gets a long with this system! Every day you should check your diary and then contact the person. I checked my diary and there was only my brothers birthday. It is too much of a work. Why cant we just make a deal that we congratulate everyone at one day and then we can be relaxed rest of the year. On the other hand we would miss some good parties and cakes that way. It is complicated. While I try to find solution to this serious and yet so important matter I close my case by saying happy birthday to everyone. Happy birthday to everyone. And happy next birthday also in case I forget it.

Today I recommend
1. Painting a horrible picture
2. Warm breaths
3. Live hard and try everything

I do not recommend
1. Watching poor films
2. The system of birthdays
3. Try to play clarinet
4. Gray hair

Charm comes with the age,

Aki 25

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