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We are worth it

Burnley - Crystal Palace 1-0
Crystal Palace - Norwich 3-2
Crystal Palace - West Bromwich 0-1

I had in my mind a story "Let us entertain You", but since after 7 magnificent wins we now have lost two of our last three, it is better to save it to Robbie Williams.

All good has to come to an end. Actually it does not but my old man used to say that so I let it go this time. Or may be it is better to ignore that saying, so please dont read this chapter at all. There is no end for us.

The importance of the first goal is huge. Specially the times when it is the only one. Last three games we have played against solid defences. After we scored against Norwich, there was no question about the winner. The other two games we were chasing and run out of ideas and luck. However we have not been outplayed in any of these games. Furthermore the opponent hasnt got many shots on goal. The biggest reason has been the first goal.

Sometimes it is not your day. You feel that you are chasing shaddows, the pass is half a meter wrong and you picked the line with the most traffic. However we are still trying hard to beat the opponent, and the traffic. We are maybe not in the most top form we were, but not far behind either. I am sure that the road will open to us again after we have passed this junction in front us.

Now I understand why the car dealer smilingly sold me the convertible so cheap. I just saw the weather forecast and it does not promise any good; but we can promise you much better. We have played high expectations to ourselves. And we can live with them. Besides we are more worth it than L´Oreal. Dont panic with the first raindrops. We are still up there, and there we will be.

In the end I want to congratulate my old club Vålerenga IF for the great season. You really deserved it; You are also worth it. I hope Your form continues and the dear Enga will have the success we all have long waited for.

This week I recommend

1. Scoring first
2. Matches -clothes shop
3. Magic -radion station

I do not recommend

1. M 25 (and the whole infrastructure of London)
2. Having deadleg
3. Buying old convertible in November

Because we are worth it,


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