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Walsall - Crystal Palace 2-2

I am not happy with the result. We let in two too easy goals. We produced some good football but did not win the key moments of the game. Lot of it was good but some of it was not just good enough.

I am not happy with my own game. To be honest I have been struggling for last two weeks with small problems. That is still not good enough and I will take responsibility to improve it. For me the break comes in the right time. Now I have time to recover and train myself into form again.

I am a player. My job is to play. I am not paid to think or worry about our manager situation. Whatever happens wherever I am responsible with the things that happens in the field. Other people are responsible of their choises and other fields. I choose not to comment anything about these things or other people.

However there is a one field I have to bring up now. I have always thought that my english is perfect. However recently I have been told that people have found one spellign mistake in my website. I find it hard to believe but I quess that even I can be once wrong.

I have to admit that you British people use some weird words that sometimes confuses me. Like awhile ago when one of my teammates made a comment on my fancy clothes. I was not quite sure what the word meant but since I had one of my best shirts on it had to be a compliment, something good. Later I met this girl that had really lovely hair. Wanting to give a compliment to her I expressed my thoughts in true Londoner way. I never heard from that bird again. Well, I kind of understand it now, after seeing couple of episodes of Ali G.

Minging innit!

This time I recommend

1. Sugarreef -night club
2. Checking words from dictionary before using them
3. Two weeks break from the games

I do not recommend

1. Saying someones hair is minging
2. Heathrows cargo system
3. Eating that suspiciously tasting soup


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