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Network coverage is not the end

Crewe – Crystal Palace 0-0
Crystal Palace – Preston 2-0
Macedonia – Finland 1-0
West Bromwich – Crystal Palace 2-0

The website is eiher switched off or without the network coverage. And then there was a silence. My mobile, website, lambs (after Easter and J.Foster)… Except from the audience, giving me the moan that I am not updated. Hey, I have myself never been too updated so how could my website be.

Anyways I took my keyboard to compose something to ease the great deal of complaints that the silence has caused. I could explain that some of these places now visited actually had a serious radio coverage, but be fair, even Macedonia had the requirable equipment for netting. The lack of network has been only due to my laziness and tiredness.

Even though the website took an early start to summer vacation I did not. At least tried not to. Well the results aint any Cinderella stories but behind there are at least an honest will to win every game. I had actually stories about every game: the normal jargon of explanations, highlightening small accidents and stories with many words about nothing just to confuse all the readers. However I was now not too bothered to talk too much about football so I binned most of them like I have been binned so many times.

To make long stories short I would like to sum up: Rubbish. Well, that is bit unfair but really tells at least a lot about my scoring abilities lately. You know one of those situations that you see coming and you see scoring. And then the ball comes you don’t. You think: Caramba! But it doesn’t help because there are not so many amigos after missing chance at 90th minute. Instead of having man on the match and “Riihilahti was a late hero” –headlines you get five in the player ratings and “Riihilahti could have won the game but finished poorly” – little mention in the last paragraph. In the end all you care is the points you win or did not win. Those are just little situations but could have been the crucial ones. Against Crewe the last minute chance was more of a backpass to own keeper than great finish. Against Preston it did not matter because we won anyways. Did not feel good though.

After an impressive run of results with the national team we faced in Macedonia the cruel reality of international football and food. Without too many explanations I am willing to say that Finland is still strong and good as ever. Macedonia is not the promise land for blond footballers with weak stomaches.

The season for The Eagles is now over and it leaves us with both hope (the potential we have shown) and dissapointement (the fact that we did not achieve what we could have). I am going to sum up the season soon, but before that I would like to congratulate all the winners of the season and give an special thanks to our supporters, all fellow players, management, staff,, everyone involved in Crystal Palace, all the fit birds in the stands, City of Croydon, my friends and family and You thousands of people who have helped me and the team. Thank You, kiitos, Spasiba, Takk, Tack, Merci… I owe you all big time.

This time I highly recommend:

1. Copperface Jacks in Dublin
- I actually liked the place so much that I didnt ever find out how was the weather like in Dublin -

2. Piggies

3. Raffaello in Helsinki
- well, I quess all the restaurant food will taste good after Macedonia -

I do not recommend:

1. Aer Lingus
- bad flight and unfriendly service -

2. M25
- what a bad way to spend half a day -

3. Macedonia
- maybe if you liked the 60´s, you would be alright there -

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