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The end of skin pads

Finland – Latvia 2-1

Not a classic that will be remembered around the world. Or even in the local pub in Helsinki an hour after the game. Not the best set-up or the best timing for this game. So no wonder that the game ended up to be so dry that fire insurance could have been needed.

Looking the sunny side (which might be an unknown term to people from rainy England) I got to score against my own keeper, Crystal Palaces Alex Kolinko. I thought that as a friendly gesture, he would have helped his team mate already in the first half but he ridiculously well saved my shot. However Big Al let my header in the second half inn, which I thanked him with 100000 Euros… worth of grin and friendly “I just beat you” -glance.

It was not just a goodbye to this season but also the last fight for my dear skin pads. After serving me many years without complaining I got in one second rid of them without even saying thanks. I threw those poor old ripped and stinky things in to the stands. Later I heard couple of supporters had fainted because of the smell. They evacuated this stand and it is still classed as chemical danger area.

This game was not the biggest triumph of my career but it was a decent finish to a decent season. Actually finally getting my summer holiday feels as good as this victory. From tomorrow I don’t want to hear about football for a while. So unless you are a fit bird please don’t mention this swearword to me in next two weeks. Thanks.

This time I recommend
1. Café Strindberg
- Beautiful place in beautiful location with beautiful Finnish sights passing by -
2. Hotel Kalastajatorppa
- La crème of the hotels -
3. Holidaying
- Madonna knew what she was singing about -

I do not recommend
1. Café System
- Excuse me, there is a spoon in my soup -
2. Driving English –sided car in Finland
- How embarrassing it is in the parking lots to try to reach the machine to get out! -
3. Calling me in next two weeks
- I wont be answering anyway (ok, may be to you Mom) -

Let the sun and life shine,


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