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I apologise

Reading – Crystal Palace 0-3

I apologise. I have not really been busy updating my site or making it any more or less interesting. Sorry about the inconvenience this may have caused. On the other hand, most likely it is only my Mum and Dad who are still clicking on my pages so I could have actually done this story by phone. Well, at least now they have to practise their English and the use of a dictionary with the intellectual words I am using like inconvienient and morphing.

In my website I have over 1000 unanswered morphing questions, which probably will end up being too big task so I might have to skip a few and I apologise for that as well and the fact that some of you must have had sleepless nights and long days next to your computer waiting for over a year to get a short and poor smart-ass response from me. However I will try to do better from now on.

The biggest apologise will be that I have decided to try something new at my site, or actually pretty old. I found the other day some of my older diary writings, school works, speeches, X:mas poems etc. This material I have no excuse for. But since I have completely lost it anyway I have decided to put on some of my older work for people to understand how weird I was already at younger age. If nothing else this works as a warning for anyone who at any stage start to produce similar text, to get immediately some professional help. Otherwise you could end up like me, which obviously is a worrying thought to this planet.

Unfortunately to all people in my home country it will mostly be in Finnish. At least English people will have to less to worry about now.

And yes, I know how to spell inconvenient and I don’t have any idea what morphing means (some nert computer language that is) I just used them to wind up my parents sweating with their dictionaries. I don’t apologise for that.

I am neither going to apologise for winning over Reading 3-0 away with one of the best and most enjoyable games for a long time in Palace. It was a great day for the club and personally for me as well. First time over a long long time I felt that I had recovered from all the bloody injuries and was doing my job as I want to do it.

I would like to thank Kit Symons and Stewart Grey for the great job they did. I hope them all the best, they really deserve it. It was a pleasure to work with them, which I am sure will be with the new manager Ian Dowie also. We are all welcoming him to the club and are looking forward to working with him to make this club successful.

Successful I am sure it will be. Not the same could be said about some of the things I am going to provide here at the website in near future. Here is something for a starter: a X:mas poem from December 1999 when I had a boring day at Oslo. It is just a poem, not a statement about NOrway.. or skiing. My years in Norway were great and I loved the people there. They would deserve a better rhyme than this. That is why this should only be considered as an artistic need of expression by imagination and not like being under oath. So I swear this might not be the truth, the whole truth, everything but the truth, help you God.

Voi kuinka kävikin
että Ukki Puuroparta Korvatunturin
rikkoi rekensä
jätti Petterinsä
otti norjalaisen kalastustroolarin

jolla ilman sääliä
jätätti björn däähliä

ja heti dopingin perään huusivat
nuo öljyiset rysäkalastajat
Just niin eihän Teillä, Må ikke tildekkes
mitään peitellä

senhän oppi jo paskahuusissa
kun niin luki myös patterissa
sielläkin turskan haju sieraimissa
Se onkin paras norskisaavutus
jonka kielisukulainen on oksennus

mutta siitäkö pukki välittää
ja vihoissaan päättää
antaa vuonojen asukkaille ruman lahjan
Norjalaisen villapaidan!

This time I highly do not recommend

1. Making own X:mas poems
- Who needed to know this! -

2. Being responsible of this story
- Some things are better to keep to yourself -

”Tämä ei jää tähän”

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