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Help me to write insania

Bradford – Crystal Palace 1-2
Crystal Palace – Wimbledon 3-1
Sheffiel United – Crystal Palace 0-3

How is it to play for Crystal Palace? Hmm.. the closest answer I could say with my humble experience would be “interesting”. One point we are leading the table, then we are fighting against relegation and then challenging for the play-offs again. Managerial changes, players and stuff –members going constantly inn and out. This could be a ten years history for any average club. For Palace it is about half a season. You never know what to expect when arriving to the training ground. Until now.

Under Dowie´s strong management we finally seem to have structure in the club. There are no grey areas or if there appears one, it will be fixed straight away. It shows everywhere, not just in the recent good run of results. It is not just interesting club anymore, now it is also exciting.

So also I am so exited, I just can’t hide it. I am about to loose control and I think like it. Yes, I lost it already. I can’t sing this 80’s disco hit although I know the words. However I don’t know what words would I write anymore to my columns or my website. I am struggling big time to finding out subjects to write about. After all I am not like Peter Andre who just wakes up with new great songs and new English words in his head. My pen has been very quiet lately. It needs help. Not Mr Andres. Your help. Please!

The help is need especially now because there is not just lot of new with football, there is also a new writing task for me. I started in January as a columnist for Finnish Fitness –magazine. Please go all and buy it, so they think the increase in volume is because of me and then maybe even give me a pay-rise. That could be your good deed of today. And tomorrow you can be even better and buy two Fitness –magazines.

It is a good new challenge for me as an athlete and as a writer, I am looking forward to it. I thought in this way I don’t need to play so macho anymore because I can justify going to aerobic lessons as part of my research for stories. Plus now people can laugh at me embarrassing myself in other sports and training methods as well.

So tell me what to write about. I would like you to give me ideas: what I should write about, what kind of subjects would you like to read about and why is my laundry all blue although I washed it with 30 degrees? If I don’t hear from you I will keep on writing boring stories about absolutely no subject at all. Plus I probably have to call OMO –info.

So I would really appreciate if you could help me. Please send any ideas to akipr@rocketmail.com. It is not my real e-mail and will be only in work for next three weeks. Time starts now. And I apologise already that I am probably not going to answer You.

I strongly recommend:
1. Buying at least one Fitness -magazine
- it is good, plus it would make me look better -

2. Giving me ideas of subjects and/or stories
- because I am just a stupid and lazy footballer who hasn’t come up with anything new or interesting for ages

I don’t recommend:
1. Being rubbish doing laundry
- unless you don’t mind all your clothes being electric blue. Actually, maybe I need an au-pair. Those applications can also be sent to akipr@rocketmail.com -

“ It’s insania “
-Peter Andre

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