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May the force be with you again

No mustache or leather pants! So far I have achieved these two most common advices I got to my conquest of Germany. So at least in some respect I have done quite well at my first half a year. However, that is where the bratwurst ends and sauerkrauten begins – I am now back here telling you all about it how hard it is to sell a Peugeot to a Ruhrian.

I have taken a break from many things (like updating this site and eating yogurt), but now I feel the force is strong in me again. This is not like my Imperium strikes back - and I still look like Jabba the Hut – but I guess in some galaxies there are still Princess Leias who need to know I haven’t grown mustache or bought leather pants. Auf Wiederhören!

" Be true to yourself "
- My continuing New Years resolution

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