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Overdosed beliefs and cheesy lines

At least this time I didnít try to hit on nurse during the operation. In Basel, my reputation of being like a horse is not due to my size but the amount of aneasthetic I needed last time. They got my legs numb in the end but the overdose also went into my head. Suddenly I just realized that everyone was laughing at me in my room. I donít think they believe me that I canít still remember anything. I have no recollection of that I had told non stop jokes and abuse for two hours, tried to do sit ups and apparently even proposed one of the nurses. Actually, I donít even wanna know. I did buy every woman in the building a red rose afterwards just to make sure to be in their good books, though.

So this time I behaved. I think they were actually bit disappointed about it because there were gathered unusually many people to watch a standard operation Ė probably in a hope of a show of worlds cheesiest pick up lines again. Moreover.. I feel like kazillion euros now. This should be the last and smallest of the operationsÖ and this was nothing, almost like having a hair cut Ė from which I am normally back looking ridiculously good in two weeks.

I feel my journey has now chance to continue again. No more ice age, although in many ways I am probably prouder of the last two years than the best times of my career. Anyone can smile while winning but adversity reveals the character. Losing health is not like losing a game Ė it is not something that you necessary always have another chance or that could be forced or controlled to get better results. Surely I have taken desperation to new levels few times, but mainly I have reacted well to all new circumstances. As the famous saying goes, they can take away your fashia of soleus but they canít take away your belief.

I can hold me head up looking back because I havenít left a stone turned around to become fit again. In many other ways it is not been that smart and healthy, though. I hold my hand up that the price I have paid might not always have been worth it. I have sacrificed a lot in my single minded pursuit to follow my passion whatever end it leads me. But how could I regret about it: I have been just operated but just thinking of that soon I can play again properly is making me so excited that I am challenging the laws of insomnia! I feel only thing that can stop me now, is the legal and honorable effects if that nurse accepted my drug filled will to marry her.


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