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Absence of ice-cream

Whenever I don’t have an ice-cream, I want one. Still I don’t understand why all media and everybody I have met in the streets and even at our own club have been talking which players are injured or might be injured. So what! What is the news there? In football you rarely get your strongest team, not the mention in best form. Any club is never in an optimal situation, solving injury and form problems are part of football, excuses are just cheap. It is almost insulting to players who have been long term injured to complain that few players are missing couple of games. Footballers know this, it is others who forget that whatever you have on the pitch that is all you got. Deal with it. One vanilla Häagen-Dazs please!

I recommend:
1. Vanilla Häagen-Dazs
- no excuses, it is the winner
2. Forresta -hotel in Lidingö
- beautiful view, great food

I do not recommend:
1. Being injured
2. Talking about injuries


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