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Finland - Kasakhstan 2-1

Jaksimash, me I like. Borat must be the funniest charicatyre this Millenium has witnessed, he is so beyond good taste that it is not insulting anymore. Surely our worthy opponents haven’t drunk horse urine but I couldn’t help having a little smile when I saw a guy with a mustach singing Kazakhstan national anthem. The game turned out to be nothing but NICE. All eastern European players are good athletes and always going all in, so with the current progress I think in few years time they will start upsetting many traditional football powers with their energetic approach to the game. I haven’t seen much national team action for a long time, so I was pleased with the recall and I had such a good camp that I was used in the second half. I rewarded it with a strong performance which was also the first time when the national team coach has seen me play apart from the two short appearances almost a year ago when I was in an extremely difficult situation with my injuries. So for me this was a big day, especially because the dream is still alive after a victory. With full of enthusiasm and energy I returned to the club and beat Mattias Jonsson 9-5 in air hockey tournament. While being away such a long time, this club championship tournament had progressed so I had to play quarter finals immediately after. The hairy German Jan Tauer had trained his shots a lot but I showed him why there will never be another Eric Gunhackel and dominated 9-3. Happy times!

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