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I have always Palace

I had a bad day, as I sometimes do when I skip my morning coffee and one thing after another just keeps coming up all wrong. However, I found the cure for my early symptoms of cold January rage when I started reading old questions people had sent me here. I owe you all endless amount of smiles and happiness you have brought to me today and so often. I realised even unreasonable parking attendants can never take some things away from me.

I have always Palace. Strength in a person comes from what he holds dear to himself. You can carry that everywhere. Being a player in a club can never really be a love affair but it certainly becomes a part of you in six years. Sometimes even more. In football – as in life - everything is what you make of it. I have been blessed to be an Eagle at my life time. Not because Selhurst Park would feel like my truest home, Croydon my favorite ever place or Crystal Palace football club the greatest dream come through as a footballer. However, I can’t imagine anything better than what I experienced with the Eagles. On and off the pitch.

Time can make memories more golden than actual trophies won. As does reflections from people. I am not easily out of words. Talking about hard issues has never been a problem for someone who can write in a national paper details about the death of his grandfather or declares his undying love to Angelina Jolie. However, it has taken me a long time to come in terms with leaving Crystal Palace football club. I have been thankful but also afraid of all the messages and questions I have received after I made my decision to leave the club which had become a very much part of me. What is a worthy answer after such a long and colorful path together?

Change is inevitable. I was privileged and worked hard to stay in the club longer than two sets of furniture. I am sure I would have still survived another sofa setting as I did over hundred team mates, ten physioterapists, seven managers, around 200 games, a promotion and relegation during my time at the club. Just to make the record straight, I always got an indication from the Chairman that I would be part of his club next season too but I expressed my wish to leave early on not to make any disturbance for our promotion campaign back then. It was an extremely hard decision, and even if in my last season I had some issues on and off the pitch the deciding factors to leave were personal reasons. I had come to a point I needed to move from London and I couldn’t even think of playing for another English club then so I left UK. I hope people understand and respect this now as well as the Chairman did. I have been told a lot of things about him, but as far as I’m concerned, apart from his lousy banter and dress sense he is good as gold for Palace and we always respected each other personally and professionally. He even described me in his column as committed, hardworking, totally engaging and completely bonkers. That was one of the best reviews and compliments I received in England and I am sure he can mirror those adjectives to himself. I wish him all the best in football and in life, plus that he would get rid of that hair style.

I am now close to home in Sweden but still follow weekly news and results from SE25. I don’t think the link between a club and a player should break after he joins another club. I changed from a player of Palace to a supporter of the club. I have been filled with joy about the recent form of the mighty Eagles and what the club has become. When I joined Palace it was struggling and had only few games to avoid relegation to the second division. Years of uncertain results, economy and leadership were deep in the club. I am extremely proud and happy I left a Premiership -worthy club. Literarily everything from training ground showers to general ambitions has changed for better and I had the luxury of being part of that progress from muddy Stockport to the heights of the Premiership. I see and hope for a great future to the club.

I carried the shirt with pride. I gave what I had. Someone can question some performances or the quality of football wasn’t always there. However, I will offer a pint or thicker glasses to anyone in the club who dares to question my commitment, loyalty or work rate for the club. Results, performances and times varied - as they do in Crystal Palace - but I can stand behind every day I had the opportunity to work as an Eagle. I think that is why I felt such a good rapport with the supporters. Passion attracts itself. Crystal Palace is full of that. My biggest victory was to be surrounded by so many good people and win friends for life. Thank You.


Ps. I have read carefully all mails but I was only able to attach few of them here in below. I think everyone should have deserved an own response but it didn’t make too much sense after such a long time. However, someday somewhere I hope to see or hear from you again. I believe that in every moment the most powerful allies we can have are the people and experiences we hold dear to us. And we have always Palace!

Sent by: phil,
Time: 12/04-2006 06:54
just heard the news you might be leaving palace at the end of the season. if so you will be sorely missed, you will always remain a palace legend. all the palace fans on the BBS are destrought about hearing this. if you do leave we wish you all the best of luck for the future and thank you very much for everything you have done for this football club.

Sent by: nige, nigvic74@gmail.com
Time: 12/04-2006 08:29
DONT GO ! ! !
I've just heard the news, i don't know if it's true. I met you briefly at the palace end of season dinner a couple of years back, and it comfirmed what i already knew - you are one of the few footballers who interact genuinely with fans. You care about palace and the fans we absolutely love you for it, if only there were more Aki's in the game I would have more respect for footballers than I do. If it is true please leave knowing that palace fans will always remember you fondly as not only a great footballer but a genuine person who cared about people and not just money like the average footballer now.
I salute you Aki, you gave my son and myself plenty of good memories - Good luck for the future and you will always be welcome in SE25.
Thank you

Sent by: Chas, chas@refplanet.com
Time: 12/04-2006 08:32
Hi, i doubt you remember me, but back in September i travelled from New York to London to see three Palace games, and i waited outside with Chloe and Chloe's father to get your autograph. It was the highlight of my first trip to England.
There have been rumours going around that Palace will be re-signing you before the summer. Please say it isn't so! I (and plenty of others) would be absolutely devastated to see you leave. If you have your own reasons, then of course i can respect that. But if there is any chance that you want to remain with Palace, please consider staying. You are a Crystal Palace legend, and BY FAR my favourite football player ever, because of your commitment, heart, and your ability to score when we need it most.
There will be many sad Palace fans on the day you play your last match for the team. Let's try to have that game as far away as possible!

Sent by: Toby, tobyiskingforever@hotmail.com
Time: 12/04-2006 11:30
You are Mr Palace, everything that is good in this club!!!!!!! I don’t even know how to try explain this to my son if it is true!!!!

Sent by: Adam, adam_ishaq2000@yahoo.co.uk
Time: 13/04-2006 03:00
Aki, I heard that you may be leaving Palace at the end of the season. If this is true, I can only say, 'please stay'!. Think of all of our memories together. Promotion, relegation, stockport, liverpool?
I think I speak for nearly every palace fan, but if you really want to leave, we will accept your decision, and best of luck.

Sent by: amy, palaceforlife79@hotmail.com
Time: 13/04-2006 05:22
hey aki, not a question but...
please dont leave palace at the end of the season! you are a legend and we will not be the same without you!!
thanks :)

Sent by: Matti, jussi65@hotmail.com
Time: 13/04-2006 11:33
and she was not even that pretty.<- Sä osaat olla äärimmäisen hauska, vaikka kirjoititkin vakavasta aiheesta. Tykkään muutenkin sun jutuista.
Ethän jätä palacea vielä tämän kauden jälkeen. Te kuulutte premiershippiin ja sulla on iso osa tulevassa nousussa ja
ethän sä voi jättää joukkueetta, jos te nousette. Onnea karsintoihin:) Heh heh etkös sä tykännyt onnen toivotuksista.

Sent by: Robert, whywhywhy
Time: 13/04-2006 18:32
Hi Aki, I am an extremely heartbroken palace supporter even thinking you might be not fighting in the team next season. Jordan&Dowie must be crazy to leave the club without the only true leader. SADSADSAD…

Sent by: Bob, bob@lock1.plus.com
Time: 14/04-2006 08:57
Reports in the media suggest you may be returning to Finland at the end of the season. Can you comment ? As a lifelong Palace fan I hope its just speculation. You are a true Palace hero.

Sent by: matthew loveridge, mashedptatoes@hotmail.co.uk
Time: 14/04-2006 12:08
Are you going to stay at palace? were big fan your a great player and we will be sad to see you go

Sent by: Herra X, tapio_89@luukku.com
Time: 15/04-2006 07:04
No niin, Aki. Tules nyt jo Suomeen sieltä sumusaarilta! HJK odottaa sinua Finnair-stadionilla ja toisit vielä lisää sitä kaivattua väriä veikkausliigaan....oletko jo matkalla??

Sent by: ForzaHJK, hallitus@forzahjk.net
Time: 16/04-2006 07:47
Heip Ägä!
Forza HJK:n keskustelupalstalla kerrotaan, että olisit palaamassa mahdollisesti Suomeen pelaamaan!
Sinun tasoiselle pelaajalle on onneksi Suomessa vain yksi tarpeeksi iso seura - HJK. Tervetuloa takaisin.

Sent by: Jean, jeansusan_brown70@hotmail.co.uk
Time: 16/04-2006 08:49
Aki,I am the palace fan always stalking you at Wimbledon Tescos and you are always so inspiring – like on the pitch too. Please tell me it is not true that you might be leaving? Palace need you and I need you.., you are so important to us. Palace would never let you go so you must have other reasons? You and Dougie are the only heroes we have. Please stay.
JEAn xx

Sent by: Simon Pophale, hot07@lycos.co.uk
Time: 24/04-2006 06:36
There is a vicious rumour that you may be leaving Palace soon, is this true?
I hope that it is not. You are a true legend at Palace and one of the best loved players. You have still much to give to our club and to lose a player of your class, would be tragic. I hope that you remain injury free and get to play in Cardiff. We all salute you!

Sent by: James, Chop2358@aol.com
Time: 25/04-2006 12:02
Not a question as such, just wanted to say thank you for the autographs this weekend (I will probably never wash that shirt again!). You probably wouldn't believe how long I've been after that. Also I know you haven't finalised anything yet and I hope to see you back at Selhurst next year, but thank you for everything you've given to the club over the last 6 years or so. Good luck in everything you do, you're a diamond geezer as they say.

Sent by: Rachel, rachelegan@hotmail.com
Time: 25/04-2006 16:59
Is it true that you might be leaving English Football for good! I do hope not as you have played ever so well for CP. It will be a sad day if you decide to go back home. Personally i would rather you stay. And if you do go i hope you still come back and watch the CP play, And good luck where ever you go

Sent by: Martin, mattconnolly_86@yahoo.com
Time: 27/04-2006 14:55
"Aki has become something of a cult hero since arriving at Selhurst, notably for his hillarious diary pieces on his website - he's a real character."
This quote from a website is only half what palace faithfulls think of you, I speak for everyone when I say you have become hero on the pitch too. Please don’t leave. Martin

Sent by: Kay, kay.wilder1@btinternet.com
Time: 30/04-2006 12:15
Hi Aki,
How are you,I hope you are recovering from your injury and will be in contension for a place in the team for the match against Watford as I think your experience will be invaluble, hope we can get to the finals and win, I have my fingers crossed, I still think we have the best team on paper in the championship.
Finally I will always follow your career, if you do leave Palace at the end of the season will you still update your website and answer questions? Please keep in touch when you leave.

Sent by: Team Loimaa, xxx
Time: 01/05-2006 01:34
Mihin suuntaat, suomifutisken taistelutahdon ilmentymä, ensi kaudeksi? Vieläkö pysyt Palacessa???

Sent by: K, k1@b
Time: 08/05-2006 13:28
I have heard on the grapevine that you are planning on returning to Finland at the end of this season, What am I going to do when you've gone, who will I be able to stalk or bother, I know you won't miss me but I will miss you.
I would say keep in touch but I know you won't.
Take Care and have a great life you deserve it.
Your Number 1 English Fan.

Sent by: Neil Milbourne, neilmilbourne@hotmail.com
Time: 09/05-2006 03:04
Hi Just been reading the Palace Website, with rumours you will be leaving this summer. Any truth???
I would like to say 'Don't Go !!!!!' but I appreciate there is more to life than playing for the mighty Palace.
We've missed you this season with your unfortunate injuries which I am sure have been so frustrating.
You will be greatly missed if you do go we will bear fond memories of you time at Palace. This website always makes amusing reading and I remember well how you stayed celebrating almost in with the fans at the Playoff final in Cardiff 2004.
Thanks Aki from a lifelong Palace fan.

Sent by: Elliott, elliottjenko@hotmail.com
Time: 10/05-2006 19:41
Hi Aki.
Sorry for mailing you, you must be getting millions around now.
I know it's not official yet but I'd really like to thank you for your years with Crystal Palace. You have made me proud to be a Palace fan, and I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a tear when I heard that you might leave. I know that Chloe and all of the other Palace fans feel the same way.
It's such an honour to have had you as a player, and a friend, and I'd like to wish you the very best wherever you go and whatever you do.
The signed Palace shirt is sitting proudly above me at the moment, and I shall tell my friends and family of the legends of Aki, my favourite ever footballer.
Please, please please sign for a German team if possible. I'd love to buy a German shirt with Aki 15 on the back. Not sure I'd bring myself to buy a different English shirt.
Thank you and best wishes.
"Other girls may try to take me away (take me away)"
"But you know, it's by your side I'll stay (I'll stay"

Sent by: Tony, palaceforever
Time: 10/05-2006 21:03
Aki, could you be convinced to stay if we changed manager? You are like part of the family gutted if you leave.

Sent by: Dr Philip Lewis, philip.lewis@orange.net
Time: 13/05-2006 08:09
Hi Aki
Are you leaving us this summer? I suspect so, but hope not. If you do good luck for the future and thanks for all the entertaining football and Times articles. A pity Selhurst Park could not did you farewell.
All the best.
CPDC season ticket holder
Arthur Wait Stand

Sent by: Kestoneagle, leigh.saywell@fandc.com
Time: 15/05-2006 07:21
If it's true and we won't ever have the pleasure of seeing you in the red & blue shirt again can you please promise to log onto the BBS now and again and let us know how you are getting on. While you are logged on you will see, if you don't know already, how much we love(d?) having you at our club and how much we respect you as a player and as a person. You always give 100%, have time to stop and talk and are an example to many others.
I also agree with you about celery, it's the work of the devil!

Sent by: Alex, that_cpfc_guy@hotmail.com
Time: 15/05-2006 07:23
Aki, I know you'll no doubt be flooded with these now. I just wanted to say thank you. Nothing more, just thank you for everything you have done for Palace. Best wishes for the future.
Aki! Aki! Aki! Aki!

Sent by: Tony Dobson, Tony.Dobson@dsl.pipex.com
Time: 15/05-2006 07:48
Heard on the BBS that you're leaving. If that's true I'd just like to wish you all the very best for the rest of your career and your life beyond that.
I look forward to seeing you back at Selhurst Park to visit in years to come!
Best of luck,
Tony Dobson

Sent by: Vic, vic@halfwayline.wanadoo.co.uk
Time: 15/05-2006 07:54
I am so sad that you are leaving Palace. Every single person I have spoken to is upset too. You have deservedly earned the respect and admiration of all who folow the Palace. Your contribution will live on forever in history books and memories off all that saw you play. You are a legend. Very best wishes, we will contnue to follow your career. Vic

Sent by: Andy Davies, davies2005@gmail.com
Time: 15/05-2006 08:27
Hi Aki,
I heard via the BBS http://forums.cpfc.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=132033&perpage=25&highlight=&pagenumber=1 that you are leaving for pastures new. I, along with alot of others, are gutted that you are leaving. There is alot of speculation as to why. What would be great is if you could give us just 5 more minutes and post why?
Thanks for 5 great years
Regards Andy bbs:isle of wight

Sent by: kirsty, malibu.beach.barbie@gmail.com
Time: 15/05-2006 08:30
Hi Aki, i know this is intended for questions but just want to say thanks so much for everything you have done for Crystal Palace over the last 5 years, you will be sorely missed. These days, its rare to see a footballer who is so genuine and loved by all fans- young and old. I dont know if you have ever read www.cpfc.org, but there are many good luck messages on a particular thread. Thanks again, and good luck in the future x

Sent by: Jim Piddock, jimpiddock@sbcglobal.net
Time: 15/05-2006 13:13
Hi Aki,
As a Palace fanatic of nearly 40 years, living 6,000 miles from Selhurst Park, I have followed your football and literary careers closely. And I am very sad that it looks likely you will be leaving the club. And quite surprised. I would have thought Aki and Palace still had a few more seasons together in them? You were so obviously missed this season when you were injured, and Palace couldn't ask for a player more committed to the cause. Which leads me to ask the question: why ARE you likely to be leaving?

Sent by: Natasha, palacelover@hotmail.com
Time: 15/05-2006 13:49
Aki if tou leave the palace it wont be the same without you theres no perfect midfeild unless you and huzzy is playing in it! Stay with the eagles put on the red and blue good luck aki!

Sent by: Jamie, JamieBno1@apl.com
Time: 15/05-2006 14:15
Goodbye Aki! I wish you wouldn't leave Palace, we really needed you this season. Also remembered and loved at Palace, I need to find another 10 letter name to get on my shirt

Sent by: Mark Luker, mark_luker85@hotmail.co.uk
Time: 16/05-2006 13:13
Sorry Aki, Im going to be different but im not actually asking a question.
Im here to thank you for everything you have done for Crystal Palace. I have just read that you are to leave in the summer.
I wish you all the success in whatever you do, Good luck in finding a new club, You will be a asset to any side.
You will always be welcome back at Selhurst and we all hope you come back one day to watch a game.
Good luck and thank you.

Sent by: Steve Couzens, steve.couzens@ntlworld.com
Time: 16/05-2006 13:38
Not really a question but a thank you!! Season ticket holder at Palace and just read your leaving!!! So sad your going needed you this season!! Good luck whereever you end up and hope to see you back at Palace one day!!!!! While im here what is your best Palace memory??

Sent by: Lizzie, lizzieelwell@hotmail.com
Time: 16/05-2006 14:09
Hi Aki!! You are a Palace Legend!!Sad to read you are leaving, just wanted to say i have enjoyed watching you play over the years, and your goal against arsenal last season will not be forgotten!! massive palace fan Lizzie xxx

Sent by: james davis, jamesdavis66@hotmail.com
Time: 16/05-2006 15:37
im a surporter of crystal palace and i cant belive you are leaving!
can you tell me if this was your choice or not
we will miss you at selhurst park contolig the midfield
good luck with you next club

Sent by: Malcolm Holmes, malselhursthree@msn.com
Time: 16/05-2006 15:39
Aki, sorry to hear your leaving us (Palace) You know me as the steward who's son and partner together with my lovely granddaughter Leia are going to Finland to live, Porvoo (I know I have spelt it incorrectly) Pity, like a lot of Palace fans ,that I could not had said goodbye properly. I will be coming over to your country sometime in the future, when the folks have settled in, maybe I might bump into you in Helsinki. Thanks for your 110% service to our club, Take care

Sent by: Jon Stovell, jon_stovell@hotmail.com
Time: 16/05-2006 16:07
Just wanted to wish you all the very best of luck in the future. Thank you for all you did for Crystal Palace...first saw you play live in that game against Stockport in May 2001. Have enjoyed watching all your efforts for the club particularly in our Premiership Season...what a goal against Arsenal hey!
Best Wishes and good luck with your footballing and writing career in the future.
Jon (Palace Fan)

Sent by: Simon Pickering, sparkypickering@woosh.co.nz
Time: 16/05-2006 16:36
Thank you for being an inspiration and every thing you have done for our wonderful football club. You will leave with much love fun and great memories.
Your in the hearts of many of us Palace fans, even the ones who have to vicariously suppport from the bottom of the world
A Palace fan

Sent by: Pete, peteandbet@blueyonder.co.uk
Time: 16/05-2006 17:54
Aki - I hear you are leaving Palace. This is a very sad day and on behalf of Palace fans everywhere I'd like to thank you for all you've done for our club - you've been massive and we'll never forget you! Come back some day! Cheers, Pete

Sent by: Ross Phillips, south_norwood@hotmail.com
Time: 16/05-2006 19:09
hey Aki.
ive just heard the bad news about you not being offered a contract c.p.f.c
im really upset about this. i though you were one of the best players at our club. at least you wanted to be here and played with some balls. unlike some other players. you always gave 100% and i respect and appreciate that from you so much.
anyway, i just wanted to say goodluck and best wishes on whatever you choose to do in life. your always welcome back at palace OK?! visit anytime.
hopefully we organize a testimonial match for you at selhurst. you deserve it.
from you number one fan in Adelaide!!!
kind regards,

Sent by: Shawn Stackhouse, sstackho@yahoo.com
Time: 16/05-2006 23:15
Hi Aki,
There is not much that can be said right now other than "Thank You".
I'm a Canadian who spent one year living in south London back in 2001, and in so doing accidentally developed a very irrational fondness for Crystal Palace Football Club. Most certainly, a lot of it has to do with you.
You have helped to give a personality to the people running around that pitch kicking a ball. Your sharing seems so simple for you to do, yet it is so uncommon. (Uncommon enough to even get an article about you in the major Toronto newspaper!)
Thanks for your many devoted years at Palace, and I wish nothing but the best for you and those around you for the rest of your life.
Like an old friend, you want to keep in touch. I hope that you continue to write articles to let us know what is going on in your life.
Thank you Aki.
Shawn Stackhouse
Toronto, Canada

Sent by: Steve Goddard, steve@shipoffools.com
Time: 17/05-2006 03:14
Not a question - just a thank you from a Palace fan for some great years at Selhurst. Thanks for the memories, Five I's. You were:
- Intelligent
- In-Yer-Face
- Inspirational
- Irrepressible
- Inane
All the very best for the future!

Sent by: Jason (Jaffa) Courtney, jaff@roony2002.fsnet.co.uk
Time: 17/05-2006 04:58
Not a question really Aki, I've just heard that Crystal Palace has to survive somehow without you now and I would like to wish you all the very best of luck where ever you end up. Crystal Palace have been a better club for having you in the team. We WILL miss you !

Sent by: James Harris, jh_cpfc@yahoo.com
Time: 17/05-2006 07:34
Aki, ive read on the internet that you are leaving the club this summer. I'd like to take this oppertunity to thank you for your great loyalty and service you have given to Palace over the last few years. I fink your far better than some palace players still at the club, and im disappointed your leaving. You would be in my starting 11 any day. Good luck wherever you go, and its been a pleasure watching you in a palace shirt.

Sent by: John, cpeagles@hotmail.com
Time: 17/05-2006 10:37
Sorry, not a question at all. Just wanted to say good luck and a big thank you for everything you have done for Palace. My favourite palace players will always be you and Ian Wright!
We will miss you.

Sent by: Peter Clark, peterclarkjanet@ntlworld.com
Time: 17/05-2006 10:46
Not a question, but having heard the news today that you won't be at Palace next year, just a message to thank you for all you've done for the team and to wish you the very best for the future. You will be very much missed

Sent by: kris, kris_desouza@yahoo.co.uk
Time: 17/05-2006 12:12
Juat a thanks more than anything for all your hard work and comitment to Crystal Palace Football Club. I finally had an oputunity to speak to you at this years Player of the year awards, you may remember me i told you i hate you because my girlfriend loves you so much a miss tinkerbell! Well mainly wrote this to wish you good luck for any future projects you may have (please share if you can what some of those may be?) but i'll go now.
P.s. I still hate you ;-p

Sent by: Rob, robdunford_1@yahoo.co.uk
Time: 17/05-2006 12:21
Hi Aki. I, and i'm sure everyone at Palace will be hugely disappointed to see such a pillar of the squad leave. Thanks for all the effort and dedication, there aren't many professional footballers like you. You really are a Palace legend and will be missed.
Rob (a fan)
Come back soon, maybe you can watch from the Holmesdale with us!

Sent by: Adam McCarthy, adamrjamccarthy@hotmail.com
Time: 17/05-2006 13:15
How will I get over you leaving Palace? My life is an empty void now you are gone!

Sent by: Kay, kay.wilder1@btinternet.com
Time: 17/05-2006 14:46
Well what can i say, I have just heard the new that you are leaving the club,I must say that I am sorry that you are going, but at the same time wish you all the best in all you do in the future, you will be missed.
Thanks agian for all your efforts for Palace over the last 5 years, you have been a great asset and well loved by the fans, and you will always be welcome back at Selhurst, so don't be a stranger.
Don't forget please keep in touch.

Sent by: Steve, CarlyCustards@ntlworld.com
Time: 17/05-2006 16:22
gutted your leaving where next?

Sent by: calne eagle, martin@martinsearle.wanadoo.co
Time: 17/05-2006 19:49
Not a question, Aki. Just expressing my extreme sadness that the club have not seen fit to give you a new contract. You have been a marvellous ambassador for the club. I hope we expressed that when you were warming up at Preston prior to coming on (FA Cup away).I chatted with you (bored you) at POTY 2005 - you were so polite to a pissed idiot. All the very very best, you will remain forever a Palace legend. And remember, whatever the club 'establishment' may think, you remain a Palace legend. So 'question' (aha) - will you still be able to love us ('all of the time')?

Sent by: Lee Jacques, leejacques@yahoo.com
Time: 18/05-2006 03:20
sorry to hear you are leaving Palace. I was wondering if my team Sheffield Wednesday came in and offered you a deal would you join us??
We are in desperate need for a quality midfield battler and you fit the bill, you would give experience to our young midfield

Sent by: jodie day, jodie_boggie@hotmail.co.uk
Time: 18/05-2006 03:35
why are you going i love you and i think you are a really good football player.... you are one of my best players and aj!!!
why do you have to go back to your family?..i really want you to stay....
andy way got to go i am doing this at school !!! big trouble.....have fun with your family.....bubi masive palace fan.....my brother plays for fullham under 8's and has just been signed but when he is older he is going to try and get into palaces his room is covered palace and i am not even joking my dad drew! the palace eagle on his wall..........now i really have to go bubi have fun where you live jodie big big big big big big big big big palace fan x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Sent by: George Emmett, george.emmett@tesco.net
Time: 18/05-2006 04:11
Just seen the news that Palace are not keeping you on. Damn shame. You were a fine servant to our club. All the best in the future. Keep on with The Times. Still the most interesting column in the Football press. You will always be a member of the Red 'n' Blue Army! Don't forget us down at Selhurst.

Sent by: Matt, baracas77@yahoo.co.uk
Time: 18/05-2006 04:42
Not really a question, just a thankyou for the great work you've put in over the years at Palace. I'm sure you know you've a massive following at the club and will be sorely missed.. All the best for the future... Aki, Aki, Aki...

Sent by: Aki lover, dannygreen6@hotmail.com
Time: 18/05-2006 06:27
not really a question but i wanted to say i love you to bits and thank you for everything you did at the palace, i will always remember you, your a legend.?

Sent by: Colin Machin, sir@merseymail.com
Time: 18/05-2006 11:13
Sorry that you are no longer going to be an eagle.What you did for the club in your seasons with us will always be remembered. What does the future hold for you now? Will you stay in England, or try a new role abroad? Good luck for the future wherever you go.

Sent by: Ray, rapperle@yahoo.co.uk
Time: 18/05-2006 13:23
Sorry to see you leaving Palace, you've been one of the best players i've seen pulll on the red and blue shirt. Your commitment to the club and work rate will be sorely missed, if you hadn't been so unlucky with injuries this season i think we would have been returning to the premiership. Good luck in where ever you end up playing now and keep writing the best football column in the world!!!

Sent by: tom edwards, woo_peed_on_my_rug@hotmail.com
Time: 18/05-2006 13:48
This isn't really a question Aki, but i just wanted to say that i really appreciate everything you have done for Crystal Palace over the last five years. It is very rare to find a player as loyal, hard-working and (may i say) skillful on the ball. I wish your all the best in the future and hope it brings much success and happiness. I suppose i better rephrase this in the form of a question!...What is your most cherished memory from your time at Palace? Thanks again Aki. Your a top man! (if you want some extra self-esteem building material check out the BBS there's a thread on there just for you.

Sent by: Dave Ede, davidjohnede@hotmail.com
Time: 19/05-2006 03:18
Not a question but a thanks.
Thanks for all that you did for Palace, and good luck with the rest of your career.

Sent by: Chris Mead, Familiar2billions@hotmail.com
Time: 19/05-2006 04:18
Hey aki. I wasnt sure how i could e-mail you so i hope you dont mind me posting this on your question board.
Firstly i hope your move back to Finland went ok and you are enjoying your summer break . I posted a dedication on the Holmesdale.net message board but i heard the BBS beat us to it in sending dedications to you so i thought id post it here so you could recieve my message.
I would just like to say thank you so much for being a true Palace player Aki! Your loyalty, humour, spirit and friendleness has always been welcomed with open arms at Selhurst and unlike any other players that come along to football clubs if you ever had a bad day at the office (very rarely may i stress!) not one single person would have a go because we have always known you go out on to the pitch and give 110% with all of us in your heart as much as you are in ours.
If i ever travelled with my father up to obscure northern grounds on a cold Saturday it would always be a warming and friendly sight to see you out on the pitch warming up with a smile in unfamiliar territory.
I also had many laughs when i was still in school showing all my friends how much you looked like the lead singer 'Dexter Holland' of punk band 'The Offspring' due to all of us being big fans of the band.
Once again thanks for the memories Aki and we all hope and trust you will come back to the club now and then to visit because the Holmesdale will be there chanting 'AKI! AKI! AKI! AKI!'
p.s. How many players can say they've cancelled out a Thiery Henry celebration a minute after he's scored?
See ya real soon mate

Sent by: Nav, tnav@hotmail.com
Time: 19/05-2006 04:53
Hi Aki
I am a huge Palace fan, and even more so, a big big Aki fan. I see that you are leaving our club, and as a regular on the BBS, I would like to say thank you for everything. In one thread, I called you Mr Palace for the last 5 years. And it is true. You are a true legend on the pitch, and from what I hear off the pitch, a true legend in that respect as well. It’s a shame that your time at the club is coming to an end, and I am gutted that I never got to meet you. Unlike most footballers, you seem to be one which someone could sit down with for a cup of coffee. I wish you all the best in the future Aki. I still hope, even with a 1% possibility, that I will bump into you in Croydon and we can pop into a coffee shop.
All the best Aki
Palace already miss you.

Sent by: Will Swain, will@hothorse.com
Time: 19/05-2006 05:37
Hi Aki,
Not really a question as such, but more a word of thanks and of good luck wherever you go and whatever you do after Palace. You'll be remembered by the Palace faithful as being a gentleman off the pitch and a very good player who always gave his all on the pitch. We certainly missed you in midfield this season.
Come back and visit us soon. All the best and thanks again

Sent by: simon harris, simon.harris@fabriclondon.com
Time: 19/05-2006 08:48
Hey Aki- As a palace fan i just wanted to wish you luck with your future endeavours footballing or otherwise and thank you for being such a loyal and great player for Palace, i for one, will miss seeing you play, what will you do next?

Sent by: Paul Wicks, paulwicks@blueyonder.co.uk
Time: 19/05-2006 10:51
No question Aki, just wanted to thank you for your efforts over the past 5/6 years. You have been a real pleasure to watch, loved your commitment and I am very sorry to see you go but good luck in the future you deserve a continued career (injury free!) If you want a round of goolf at Croham Hurst before you go email me. Regards, Paul Wicks (aged 53!).

Sent by: Andy, payne.al@btinternet.com
Time: 19/05-2006 13:57
Not a question Aki, but a thanks and appreciation for on the field committment and quality writings. A sincere wish for your future good fortune. That drive cannot fail.
Very best wishes. Andy

Sent by: Dave Lyne, david.lyne7@ntlworld.com
Time: 19/05-2006 13:58
Hi Aki, not so much a question more of a thank you for everything you have done for Palace. I think you have been a wonderful servant for the Eagles and I will sorely miss you. Best of luck in the rest of your career and also in life.

Sent by: Arne Schau-Knudsen, arne@virtualgarden.no
Time: 19/05-2006 17:17
Please, come back to Enga, Aki! It would be so beautiful. Kom tilbaki, Aki!
Hilsen arne

Sent by: peter g., -
Time: 19/05-2006 18:15
Hello Aki... is it true that you're coming home to vålerenga?

Sent by: peter michael, pmanlol@hotmail.com
Time: 20/05-2006 05:38
Hey Aki, whats the proudest moment you've had in your whole Palace carreer? Ps sorry to see you leave!!!

Sent by: Endre, detvarvondtdet@hotmail.com
Time: 20/05-2006 07:12
Dear Aki.
Rumours in Norway is that you may return to Enga this summer.. Is there any trooth in this?

Sent by: Stephen Page, pagetwins@ntlworld.com
Time: 20/05-2006 09:44
Hi Aki.
Im a Crystal Palace supporter of 20 yrs (I am 25). I just wanted to say thank you so much for wearing the red n blue shirt with so much passion and pride. You are what us londers call a 'Diamond'!!. Seriously, thanks mate - you are a great player and I loved watching you play football for my team. You have a great character also.
Good luck for the future.
Stephen Page

Sent by: Douglas Symon, DHU@btinternet.com
Time: 20/05-2006 12:08
Hei Aki
Have a good summer holiday and enjoy the friendly against Sweden :)
Go to Reading if you can. Sir Stevie awaits a fellow knight.
Thanks for all the great years at Palace, shame Dowie turned away from the man he used to be otherwise you would have had that happy ending with Palace.

Sent by: Pat Magill (AKIAKIAKI on HOL), pat.magill@blueyonder.co.uk
Time: 20/05-2006 13:43
Could the rumoured change of manager at Palace bring about a change of mind on your part and get you to stay for "1 more round".
If not,when will you be back to say goodbye properly?

Sent by: Neil Andrews, andrewscorp@hotmail.com
Time: 20/05-2006 14:08
There are many Palace fans like myself who are gutted that you are leaving us, but we all want to say thank you for your 110% effort for the club in every game and you will be sorely missed, but you would be welcomed back at Selhurst with open arms. What is the one thing that you will miss about Palace?
Neil, Sutton

Sent by: tom adams, tomd.adams@tiscali.com
Time: 20/05-2006 14:17
Aki, I'm a huge palace fan, and was devastated to hear that you are leaving this summer. firstly thank you so much for everything you gave our club, words cannot express how refeshing it was to see a player or your true class in english football.
My question is, is there any chance that we will ever be able to see you back at palace, in any role?

Sent by: david, davewel82@aol.com
Time: 20/05-2006 21:57
hi mate sorry to hear you got let go just to send my best of luck to you and what you do next,i loved seeing you play and your a great role modle and alway a assit in midfeld with micky.good luck and come down same times to see the homesdale boys.these only one riihilahti

Sent by: Klan's member, potemsnie@yahoo.no
Time: 21/05-2006 04:04
Hey Aki! A newspaper in Finland wrote some days ago that you maybe is coming back to Oslo and Vålerenga. IS this true?
We miss you!

Sent by: Emma, elgoddard@fsmail.net
Time: 21/05-2006 11:50
Just wanted to say sorry to read that you are leaving Palace. We will miss you terribly. Good luck for the future. you are a star.

Sent by: kieron hodge, kieron_1983@hotmail.com
Time: 21/05-2006 14:21
hello aki,my name is kieron im a palace season ticket holder really GUTTED to see you go you have been a absolute god send to our club i have always believed in you as a player i would just like to take this chance to thank you for your loyalty passion and most of all your work rate you have put in to this club if you could email me back to let me know you recieved this email it would be most appreiciated all the best for the future kieron

Sent by: Patrick, ahoypatsy@aol.com
Time: 21/05-2006 14:33
Just heard that you are leaving Crystal Palace. Had to say thank you for everything. I ahev supported Crystal Palace for 30 years, and under Iain Dowie we again became a team of which I was proud; not just of the results but everything we stood for. You were central to that. Your energy and commitment were total and in your writing you ofetn moved me to tears (after drawing with arsenal, on leaving this week). I would pass your articles to my daughter (10) in the hope of inspiring her.
And the love of you in something me and my 6 year old son would always agree on.
Times change, we are entering a new phase, not necessarily a better one, but I wish you well and say that you will always be welcome at Selhurst Park, and you will always be in our hearts

Sent by: mike sargent, mjsargent_01@yahoo.com
Time: 21/05-2006 17:07
Not a question, just a big thank you from a Palace fan for all your hard work for the club over the last few years. We will miss you. Good luck with the rest of your career; you deserve more success and I am sure you will find it.

Sent by: Joakim, joakim75@hotmail.com
Time: 21/05-2006 17:19
Hi Aki
Have you considered playing for Vålenga again? We miss you very much, and you are welcome back !

Sent by: Steve Cavalli, scavalli@cftrust.org.uk
Time: 22/05-2006 07:32
Hi Aki
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your contribution to Crystal Palace FC.You have been a loyal servant to the club and you will be sadly missed by all the Palace fans.
Good luck for the future.

Sent by: Freddie Bencard, fcjbencard@hotmail.co.uk
Time: 22/05-2006 10:10
Dear Aki,
I was shocked and hugely disappointed to find out that Palace let you go. We seem at the moment to be going through one of those too frequent periods when we lose a good manager, lose our best players, and generally screw everything up.
You were a great player for Palace, committed and talented, and frankly, most fans are probably bemused at why you were not offered a new deal. We wish you all the best for your future (provided you don't join Brighton!).
It's ridiculous. You didn't deserve to be released, you deserved to be made captain! (and you certainly deserved to be picked over Ben '60 yard pass to nowhere' Watson) You have amused and entertained us; the team, and the club, will be worse off without you.
Sorry, that wasn't really a question, was it? Um... what would you say your best memories are from Palace?
Yours wishing you all the best for the future,
Freddie Bencard

Sent by: Josh, memourj@epsomcollege.org.uk
Time: 23/05-2006 05:28
Really sad to hear of your departure. You are a Palace legend. What are your plans for the future?

Sent by: Luke, l_hoops@hotmail.com
Time: 23/05-2006 07:44
I am very sorry to hear that you are leaving Crystal Palace. Being a Palace fan you are one of my favourite players.
Are you going to stay in England or go to another Country? Will you come back to Palace one day to say hello to us all?
Thank you for some great times.

Sent by: Matti, masokki@suomi24.fi
Time: 23/05-2006 13:31
Hei! Mä luin planetfootballilta suruviestin, et sä lähdet kotkista? Mites fanit reagoi tähän? Itse olisin halunnut, et jäisit Lontooseen. Tietenkin on upeaa, et sä tulet luultavasti Suomeen takas, eli se tarkoittaa klubia. Olisin kiitollinen jos pystyt vastaamaan, vaikka tiedän, että sinulla on nyt paljon hämminkiä, joka vie aikaa. Mut best wishes to you XXX

Sent by: Kristoff, kris@forzablues.co.uk
Time: 23/05-2006 18:04
Hey Aki,
I'm a Birmingham fan, and due to the bad feeling between the Club you play for and the team I support, I probably shouldn't like you!!! I feel it so refreshing to see a modern day footballer who values what he has. Too many players nowadays take what they get for granted, and it is great that you're such a cool bloke and that you don't choose the world that is so open to you being a footballer and that you keep a cool head and don't take what you have for granted.
Never Let Anyone Change You.
Kristoff, ForzaBlues.co.uk

Sent by: Tarzani#10, timo_aalto_91@hotmail.com
Time: 24/05-2006 08:15
Terve Aki!
koskas on akin aika jättää palace vai tuleeko sitä koskaan?? kuitenki tuo englannin mestaruussarja ei oo kuitenkaa oikee paikka sulle pelaa! samanlaisia keskikentän moottoreita pallonriistäjiä niinku sä ei oo kauheesti! luulis et oot kuumaa kamaa siirtomarkkinoiden auetessa!
tsemii aki! koska palaat klubiin?? stadis kaivataan niit champions leaguen pelei!
t. true fan TARZAN

Sent by: Scott, scott.garner@napf.co.uk
Time: 24/05-2006 10:52
Alright Gov,
I'm sure your inbox is overflowing with messages right now? Just a quick one to wish you all the success for the future and thanks for all the fantastic memories at Palace. The equaliser against Arsenal and of course your mugshot on top of my Christmas tree last year.

Sent by: Avril Ha;;, averz8@hotmail.co.uk
Time: 26/05-2006 05:11
It's not so much a question in all honesty ... You said you weren't going to leave!! I am so gutted that Palace will be without you next season. In spite of this, your shirt will remain up on my wall! I hope that I will get to meet you again one day. I wish you all the best in whatever it is that you decide to do next season. Best wishes Avril (and my Dad, Andrew!)

Sent by: steve ruddy, sruddy@bishopbell.e-sussex.sch
Time: 26/05-2006 06:11
Hi Aki,
as a big palace fan I look forward to any reflections on our club [good and bad], your time in england, and your future plans. Are you posting some news soon?

Sent by: Danny, danibutcher@msn.com
Time: 26/05-2006 10:01
Hey Aki, i wish you all the luck in the world and hope to see your face a few more times in the Crystal Palace crowd, you are very much apart of palace history and i have enjoyed watching you for those speacial years. Good luck Aki !!!

Sent by: Roy Rossiter, akicpfc@Hotmail.co.uk
Time: 29/05-2006 06:09
Palace fan here i would just like to thank you for all you've done for our club and say it was a pleasure watching you play. I wish you luck in the future in all that you do

Sent by: Nathan Mackenzie, the.hay@virgin.net
Time: 31/05-2006 15:05
I am a Crystal Palace fan and I know you have left the team,but which team are you going to play for a finnish team or a english team?

Sent by: samuel boswell, sam66b@hotmail.com
Time: 02/06-2006 03:46
what next for Aki? im gutted you are leaving palace. :(

Sent by: Joey, cpfc_no1@hotmail.com
Time: 04/06-2006 04:13
Im a 14 year old Palace fan, and i was very sad 2 see you are going, and I also heard you mite come back to Palace.PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!! I think we still nee you and hughsie battling in that midfield!!! P.S. Can you shed some light on why dowie played soares on the left as all palace fans thought that it was terrible how soares could be picked in that postion even though his real position is CM!!

Sent by: Daniel, danieltipping@hotmail.com
Time: 06/06-2006 17:32
Thanks for all your service Aki. You were a tremendous player for Palace and I wish all the best for the future.

Sent by: Danny Harris, bobmarleydan@hotmail.com
Time: 10/06-2006 18:14
how sad are you to leave palace and where you off to next

Sent by: Luke Fizia, redemerald4@hotmail.com
Time: 15/06-2006 16:33
I'm very sad to see you leave Palace, you have been there since i started supporting them properly, and it wont be the same without you there. I was just wondering what your fondest memory of Selhurst Park will be?

Sent by: craig, craig_chegwin@hotmail.co.uk
Time: 16/06-2006 06:08
why do you want to leave palace?

Sent by: blizzy(palace supporter), bliss2244@msn.com
Time: 16/06-2006 13:56
wassup aki u were a great player at palace shame u left cause every 1 loved u as a player my question is was there a reason y u left palace any arguments?

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