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About my name

I never get used to it. I can’t imagine anyone ever does. Hearing your name sang around the stadium is just an unreal experience, every time. You just wanna give these people back so many times more. You would do anything to have that climax of victory together. I wish that these people could see even once when I am playing fully fit. Every time I left to warm up the crowd started chanting for me and I actually have never probably made such a wild warm up because of how it made me feel. I have waited to be back like a little kid waits Christmas. Kaknäs forest feels far from Santa Claus coming to town these last few months of rehab. The adrenalin rush is worth it when I run on the pitch in front of beautiful fans we have.

The other day I watched Hammarby play. It was partly tragic when they got man sent off and other injured when all substitutions were already made. So injured captain Suleiman Sleyman did an honorable favor for his club, threw the bandage and ice bag away and went back limping to fight for his team as a sole striker. This must be the most helpless and painful experience that footballer can come across, plus most likely you don’t help the team, yourself or the injury but the heart says you have to be there. I felt sorry for him when they lost the game at injury time.

Five minutes to my comeback I knew exactly how Sleyman felt the day before. Those were long and painful minutes to finish the game with one leg. I left the pitch swearing to myself that this stadium will have a reason to hear my name one day again. This time it is personal.


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