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What's on menu?

Whatís on menu today? You can either eat to live or live to eat. I donít do either. I do appreciate food but not with the detailed fascination of Michelin or the passion of Fat Bastard in Austin Powers movies. Actually in cooking, I am probably top three worst chefs in Nordic countries. Thankfully, in order to have a proper diet optimally round training sessions I have eaten breakfast and lunch with the team last ten years. I have learned nutrition is even more important than actual training. Obviously you need both, though. The older you get the more scientific they wanna take it to make sure no late night Harribos are killing the career. So once again I have measured everything that has gone in to my mouth past few days. What happened to the old fact that carrot a day keeps doctor in Turku/Burnley/Gefle! By the way, they really donít like bringing a scale and weighing your food in proper restaurants so try this at home.

1.8. Friday,1 hard & 1 easy training, morning weight 85,2kg
Banana 124g
Musli Pauluns 96g
sunflower seeds 3g
walnuts 11g
Yogurth naturell 248g
raisins 43g
honey 8g
pineapple 60g
Coffee with one tea spoon skimmed milk 2dl
Orange 113g
recovery drink ICA 2dl
salad (champignon, cucumber, tomato, onion) 108g
new potatos 228g
chicken and parma ham in tomato sauce 428g
green beans 45g
kiwi 75g
melon 128g
Rye bread 57g
liver paste 32g
oltermanni cheese 17% 47g
cooked ham 24g
macaroni and minced beef 510g
tomatos 48g
sallad beans 150g

water during the day 3,4 liters

2.8. Saturday, 1 hard training, morning weight 84,3kg

ryebread 57g
oltermanni cheese 17% 43g
cooked turkey 22g
porridge 310g
skimmed milk 164g
sunflower seeds 3g
pear 263g
melon, strawbery, blueberry mix 250g
coffee with skimmed milk 2dl
banana 101g
recovery drink ICA 2dl
pine seeds 14g
pepper 28g
cottage cheese naturell 54g
cashew nuts 28g
squash 21g
corn 18g
cucumber 30g
macaroni 206g
chicken 301g
sauce 80g
coffee with skimmed milk 2dl
apple 147g
grapes 150g
sushi mixed 14 pieces 549g
cola light 2dl
carrots 170g

water during the day 3 liters

3.8.Sunday, 2 hard training, morning weight 84,2kg

kellogs k-special red berries 46g
Skimmed milk 1,5dl
wasa fiber plus hard crisp rye bread 48g
Coffee with skimmed milk 2dl
pasta gnocci 150g
Bolognese 280g
Cottage cheese 43g
Cucumber 71g
tomato 59g
nuts 8g
melon 190g
kiwi 80g
Coffee with skimmed milk 2dl
Gatorade 3dl
Coffee with skimmed milk 2dl
Meatballs turkey 140g
brown sauce 2 spoon
Smashed potatoes 310g
Cranberry jam 60g
Pear 80g
wasa fiber plus hard crisp rye bread 3x40=120g
1,5 cooked eggs 60g
strawberries 50g
kiwi 22g
banana 40g
white chocolate 12g
Glass of red wine 9cl
5x Ritz biscuit with edam 5x14g= 70g

Water during the day 3,2 liters

4.8 Monday, free day, morning weight 84,8kg
pauluns musli 110g
yugurt natural 237g
sunflower seeds 4g
honey 6g
raisins 45g
walnuts 13g
coffee with skimmed milk 4dl
pasta with shrimps 259g
roman salad 98g
coffee with skimmed milk 2dl
blueberry muffin 145g
apple 161g
omelette with cheese and ham 198g
turkey meatballs 218g
Dates 83g

water during the day 2,6liters

Bon appetit,

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