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X-rated videos

I was bit bored after training today and actually could have hit my all time low because I even googled myself to excuse myself from doing anything productive. Don’t try this at home! Internet is crazy, irrational and without boundaries, so pretty amazing really. However, it can be a bit scary to find out that in youtube someone has posted a video under title “Riihilahti scores with his genitals” (another word was actually used in the description) and more worryingly people had went to watch it 4815 times.

It was not that bad, just a video of a goal from World Cup qualifier - not that I was worried. Furthermore, it was really done by a hip than smaller part of my body so it made my famous collection: among other goals I have scored for my country with neck, skin pad, hip, another hip, shoulder-head-combo, left foot and Gary Neville. Even with this much consistency of irregularities, some people have even balls to call this luck.

I realized it is actually a bit of a minus to my website that it doesn’t have any videos on it. It wouldn’t be interesting, though, to make the highlights video of my career because it would probably only have enough material to last 32 seconds – with replays and soundtrack included.

However, I found some nice footage of my games and especially fan culture in the games I have played if you wanna compare how different atmosphere have been through my career.

Like this is the earth shattering support from the derby game I played here in Sweden:


What a day with 72000 supporters in the Play Off Final and promotion to the Premiership:


This is a crucial game just when I signed to England back in 2001:


Great times at Palace:


You never walk alone gets infernal towards the end at my last game in Germany:


Celebrating with the fans at my first game and victory in Germany:


I am sure it would also change people’s lives if they could see footage of me cooking morning porridge or perform Xmas marionetteater to kids so I try to add it asap ;)

Best wishes,


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