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Social network diary June-August 2010

congratulations Jarkko & Sanna!

HJK and Dif winning today... great success!

It is official now...

not happy with missing out last weekends derby game and now euroleague against besiktas tomorrow... but at least doing well with preparation for exciting rest of the year in all fronts. World domination it will be!
Hahaa... kaukana tosiaan ollaan nuoruuden kuparinruskeasta pantterivartalosta, joka ei hajoa jokaisella mukulakiviosuudella. Nyt on vuosien saatossa alkanut tuntumaan enemmän vaalea valas -osastolta uponneena hiekkadyyneihin.

at least the good news with our stadium continue... after the newest improvement you can't even call it the same again ;)
Somppu, Sona, Sone, Sonkku, Sotku, SS... joku muu mikä? Kyllä se sieltä tulee kansan suusta vielä. Ja jalkapallossahan mestaruuspystiä kutsutaan Pojaksi ja nyt kun aiomme voittaa sen monta vuotta putkeen Son-era eli Pojan Aikakausi. Hmm....

no matter how you fight sometimes you just get knocked down... the important part is to get up again and hit back harder. Bad result, small thigh injury... but i swear on Terminators name that i'll be back quicker than Arnold learns to spell his last name

the best way to predict the future is to invent it... so on what should i set my mind today at a free day?

Yes, the pic is from the last trip to Beograd. Yes, it is Nemanja Vidic pushed on the ground. No, the header didnt go in. Tomorrow to Beograd again, this time...

what a thriller... and our Champions League journey continues, next Partizan Beograd. Thanks for the fantastic support, it was amazing to play and win such game

"There are only two options regarding commitment; you're either in or you're out. There's no such thing as life in-between." -Pat Riley

decent performance, great supporters but we need more accuracy in both boxes next week. Yep, the team photo with the world champions is so past now and it is time for... Helsinki Cup!

in Lithuania... tomorrow Champions League qualifiers, game on!

World Cup had Shakira and Nelson Mandela, Helsinki Cup opening Riihilahti and Keke Armstrong... not so much waka waka but still it is better football tournament now in Helsinki.
hahaa.. my singing would not sound good even in a facebook wall so that has been out of the question since school x:mas play back in 1988. And shaking hip would most likely just generate another injury. Yep, so i had a speech as my only option hahaa.

it is the hottest ever in Finnish Cougar Town now hahaa...http://www.iltalehti.fi/uutiset/2010071212026613_uu.shtml

yep, the final was like Twin Peaks. However, there was enough excitement, enough drama and enough good football during a month and in the end the best team won. Now waka waka continues in Helsinki Cup and our Champions League qualifiers. Congratulations Spain!

can be now the "I told you so" -man, after all i wrote the semi final results to national news paper already Monday. Xavi and Puyol have always been my heros and today they were phenomenal. Well deserved victory, great final to come. Respect

too much sun can make you try silly things... http://www.iltalehti.fi/nettitv/?24217865

quarter finals really killed my World Cup -bets but the exciting and good football is well worth it. Plus I gotta feeling that the best is yet to come... well, Xavi is that every time he plays

hopes that referees don't have juhannus-eyes today anymore, it is already too much controversy and talk about everything else except football itself.

OMG is it lieson lavatanssit!

in Champions League qualifications we got first Lithuanien Champions. A good away game yesterday with 10 man which increased our lead to four points at the top. Next to comment on telly Switzerland-Chile. Life is good.

today's winners are holland and daniel westling, and two draws after that...

never gets tired of winning... but the nicest feeling at this part of my career is when our own young players perform so well in their debut, well done Valtsu and Dave. Three more games before the summer holiday of three days!

strengthening our position on top with a win yesterday, good news for Palace last week and life is good... still far away from top performance and fitness.

this got to be my next goal celebration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_au0UUHI2aI

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