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Social network diary Nov-Dec/2010

was morning jogging on the beach without a shirt. It felt liberating but then American kid starred at me and said "hey, we got a white Xmas after all". That sarcy bastard, i should call Greenpeace to push his father back to the ocean. Well, it is Xmas so i try to be nice. And thanks to all you non-americans for being so nice to me always, great to spend another year with you good people. Merry Xmas.
 Silas, Milky White, Transparent, Kasper the Friendly Ghost, Eskimo... people have called me names all my sun bathing life. Not anymore. The Indian Chief in me has awaken from the after sun of that run, but it hurts, sun is not my friend!

was at Trump building but didnt got fired and people were like OMG is that Donald Trump... nope, my hair is real.

was supposed to have dinner at Manhattan but because England cant handle little snow I ate kurczaka with 24 sloty... Warsaw is the Big Apple of Europe. New try today.

thanks all you good people, I have had a great weekend to top a good year. Now this years official training sessions done, no more work meetings or projects - only flight to catch. Well, this might be the biggest battle of the year because apparently England is such a third world country that cant handle little snow haha.

failed on music questions and finished 9th in the national pub quiz championship tournament (out of almost 2000 teams from 23 cities). Who wants to know about jazz artists from 70's anyway! Gutted but towards a productive week.

is enjoying Finnish Independence Day... thanks to our grandparents!

el classico... there is no better way to start focusing for new pre-season, especially because it also most likely will be my last... so better make it el classico too.

Xavin ei tosiaan tarvi siis Omo -infoon... nerokkaan puhdasta työtä

vieno pyyntö, tutustukaa... http://www.tehtavasuomelle.fi/

is taking pub quizzes so seriously that last week travelled around to participate three competitions and all sober... now we need only one more victory to get into national final... what a David Brent I have turned into be!

should be on holiday but started Monday morning at 7 am talking on television about ringette, floorball and Formula 1... not really my strongest moment. Otherwise a productive day... and off to gym now

is inspired by some of the speeches today at Tedx and that people arrange and gather to this kind of events, thank you. I had never heard about Matti Posio before but i have rarely heard such a good speech he held today. Respect.

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