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Social network diary Jan-Mar/2011

Jonatan Johansson aka Paraisten Justin Timberlake finnishes his great career. One of the truly greatest Finnish footballers ever, and most of all an exceptional person and friend... you can not meet a better guy in football. Maximum respect Tintti!

It was a good little London trip and training sesssions, thanks Dougie and Popa, it is good to see the club is in good hands. Already few days back in preseason with my own team, and cant beat the home sofa... going to do absolutely nothing but watch tv tonight!

Is training in London for few days. Tomorrow QPR-Palace. EAGLES!

Football, sprints, spinning, futsal... and obviously only wins so not a bad player manager day today

Mitähän sitä keksis seuraavat pari viikkoa... lähtiskö joku vaikka potkimaan palloa?

What do you all think should I inform my team mate to Idols -contest? I dont know much about music but our left winger might just be the closest thing to a craig david that professional football has ever seen.

Is Johnny Drama of football!
- Ari really is the best character ever and i would probably even vote him for president. I just happened to have Johnny Chase moment when i got yet another injury... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAlRBdjRu1Y

They just opened this downstairs... maybe i should do some hot infra hatha something yoga so i could stretch for new heights this season http://www.studioyin.com/viikko-ohjelma/helsinki/

Kävi just Tuurin kyläkaupassa ostamassa hammasharjan. Elämä on.

Just beat Liethuanian champions 4-1 and next one is Zenit Petersbourg... so quite a task to start a pre season at this age... and no, Russian food hasnt become better during the tournament.

Last time i was here it was called Leningrad but even if it has changed the name now it is still Russia... but anyways it is a good way to start the season against Dynamo Kiev tomorrow.

After Aruba and New York it is now two days pre season gone, and here is a great clip about my current condition... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd-RLoFRc5o

Was there to watch the ball to drop at new year... too many people and hassle, plus this year i decided to keep the ball better anyway ;) It was a victorius year and i will expect nothing less from this year. I hope and trust it will be a great year for all you good people too.

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