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The best team in the world

Champions league, it is the nice tournament indeed. I highly recommend to participate. I did, two years ago. Now I am participating from my home, but loving it aswell. Tuesday and wednesday, four good games, lot of food and drinks, sofa, a male singlehood perferction if you don't happen to have Elin Tvedt or Angelina Jolie around your flat. It is so facinating to see so many good players. I really loved the way Beckham shoots the ball or Zidane reads the game. It is hard to say who is the best. But it would be bit easier to make a team. If I had the power to make a team, using any players in the world, it would rule! This team could never loose a game.


Thuram, Nesta, Stam, Roberto Carlos

Riihilahti, Zidane, Keane

Beckham, Henry, Rivaldo

And substitutes: Van der Sar, Hyypiä, Silvinho, Redondo, Nedved, Kluivert, Kewell, Veie

Tactic is 4-3-3. Ok, I have to admit, that since I had the power, I have chosen some players with smaller reputation, but they have some really good qualities that the coach, me, would appreciate. And it would be also really nice for these players to play in this dream team. I have now presented undoubtedly the best team in the world at the moment and if I ever have some extra cash I will try to make it happen. And I am sorry to say to Roberto Carlos, Beckham and Rivaldo, but it is Riihilahti who is going to take freekicks.


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