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Tactical points

VIF-Rosenborg 2-2.
The game was a tactical masterpiece. We used two weeks to plan a tactic. We chose 5-4-1 and destroyed RBk:s game totally. And had some good periods of our own. We were so compact that it was a nightmare to play against us and we created some good chances of our own. Tactic got all the points; we got one. Some says it is good against Rosenborg. Maybe it is. I say "bullshit". I cant believe that in the homearena someone is satisfied with one point. There will always be good opponents but home is home. And it is noble, everything in it belongs to us. I can never accept someone to take something from my home. I was angry when I was taken out. Partly because I could have played better. Partly because I felt it was wrong. Mostly because I really wanted to try to win the game. I am not satisfied with my day. I played third time (Stabekk home, Liverpool) this year in my favourite role in the center there I played last year. I played ok. That is not good enough. That is the position I know I can help the team the most. Now we have to help ourselves and win against Odd after two weeks. Meanwhile I am travelling away to take six points against Hellas away and England home.
This week I recommend
1. 5-4-1 against Rosenborg
2. JRR Tolkien: Lord of the rings
3. Long walks at beautiful October weather
I do not recommend
1. Being friendly to trafic kontrollers
2. Pizza King -movie
3. forget to water flowers


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