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Dear Enga

It is a very touching moment. I am a little confused and empty. I have been thinking a long time now what to say or write. Well that is also because I am not that smart. Anyways, lot of things has happened in the last few weeks. The result is that I have played my last game in Vålerenga, at least for now.
I came to Oslo two years ago. At the first moment I was taken good care of and I felt that I was at home. I realised that Enga is a fantastic club because there are so many people, emotions, traditions and feelings involved. It was easy to love Enga, which I did from the very beginning.
My time in with Enga had everything. I have laughed, joyed, cried, bleeded, won and lost with Enga. I have lived with the club and given everything I have. First year it was appreciated with player of the year award, next season, well, I was not player of the year. Enga and me could and should have been more succesful. It wasnt. Whatever it was, I gave every minute the best I had.
Two weeks ago Vålerenga came to me and said that they were interested to sell me because they had got some good offers. What can I say more, everyone knows how the story goes from there, it wasnt just a question from them because they wanted to buy a striker instead. For me it is a very controversial decision. I have a great believe in Enga but same time I see that there are many other interests from the club, other clubs and myself. In the end I hope everyone turns out to be a winner in this. I don't want to walk away from job i have started but looks like there are no other way. I hope that also you can understand this and can be happy for me.
It is sad to leave Vålerenga and Oslo. I am still not quite familiar with the idea that I will not be wearing the dear blue uniform anymore and salute the magnificent supporters. In a way I am sad but I am also happy that I was so fortunate to have this time here. I am gonna miss it. I will always have feelings for Vålerenga. It represents something that will be with me the rest of my life. I am Klanes medlem and I am gonna be that in the future aswell. I am gonna follow the pride of Oslo and be proud of that I am part of it. I am gonna joy and cry with Enga. I am gonna be there.
I want to thank you Enga. Every single person that has been involved and who cares about the club. There are so many good people, friends, soulmates, and strong connections. I hope I meet everyone of you again. I want specially thank players. Way everyone has treated me is... words are not enough to tell. Same goes to supporters.
Yesterday I visited supporters restaurant Bohemen. It was a very touching moment for both parts.
- We love you, you have given everything for the team. This is the best I have and I want to give it to you, said one supporter, took his Vålerenga shirt off and gave it to me. Suddenly I had loads of shirts. I could have done the same. It goes both ways. The shirt will always have a special place for me.

We keep in touch,



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