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Is there a life after Easter?

Sheffield Wednesday - Crystal Palace 4-1
Crystal Palace - Bolton 0-2
Tranmere - Crystal Palace 1-1

What can I say, results tells enough about our form, we are under performing. These games were our Via de la Rosa, really painful Easter indeed.
Games are analysed and forgotten now. There is no past, no future, there is only next game. We agreed my next game to be Wolves instead of international against Hungary, now all the power is to be used to keep Crystal Palace in first division.
I keep telling myself how important this is. I keep telling myself we have to win. I keep telling myself that I have to want to do what I can before there comes a time I can not do what I want. I keep telling myself too much. Keep your eye on the ball not on the scoreboard. My rule for the end of the season is "KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!"
More bad news: my senior pet cat Lineker has past away. He was a good friend and important family member, God bless his soul.

This week I recommend:
1. Bella pasta
2. Ice-cream
3. Trigger happy tv

I do not recommend:
1. Any food with cellery
2. Coca-Cola
3. Reading more than one book from John Grisham

Thats all folks,

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