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What an escape!

Crystal Palace - Wolves 0-2
Porstmouth - Crystal Palace 2-4
Stockport - Crystal palace 0-1

After the last home game people doomed us. We had taken six points (but thousands of season tickets) out of last 13 games. Six points had to be taken from the last two away games. Impossible, said many. Even some of our own supporters started to talk about second division. We hadnt earn the trust from anyone. We really were on the edge and the margins to fall from there were minimal. It was one week, 180 minutes and the final chance. Our faith was to be decided in terms of pride and trust to ourselves. With small adjustments and bigger passion we escaped. We played some good football and some bad football. And we took the results we needed. We fought, we had the passion and our will to survive but the ball in the net. There is around 60 games in the season. Still the final minutes turned out to be crucial. It is crazy. It is interesting. It is football. There is so many things in it, so many games, situations. Still the final judgement can be the last situation. I cant describe the emotions and feelings in the field during the game, after the game. In the bus and after the bus. It was a big thing. It was a big relief. It is a big celebration. But the total was not good enough. We have played poor season, we have almost relegated and we have lot of things to be improved. We cant be satisfied now and continue by ending up to the relegation zone and playing bad football. There is potential but only if we use it. It was a big thing in my life to survive and even bigger thing was the continous messages and impressions that we really going to build a succesful team. There is a long way to go, but Crystal Palace Fc is capable making it. So after the all confusion and hangover it is time really do something. I am already in Finland with international duties, but I would like to thank players, stuff, supporters, managers, coaches and everyone involved. I made the right choice by coming to Crystal Palace, thanks to all of you. And by the way, We had the full control all the way. It is just more fun when it is exciting :) Now it really is day to be remembered!

This week I recommend:
1. The Star -pub in Croydon
2. Leicester Square
3. Excitment

I do not recommend:
1. English car insurance companies
2. Too spicy food

Eagles are flying high,


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