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Sun is shining and the sea is blue

3 down 294 to go. I have succeeded my third working day from my main employer Crystal Palace FC. I only have 294 sweaty days to my next vacation at 25th of April. Should not complain, we might have some sundays off during the season.
We have started a proper preparation. Steve Bruce has a good touch for fitness and football training. It has been hard but good start. It is good to put the level high from the first day. So far it is been fitness, fitness and some football every now and then. Sometimes I feel fit, sometimes I just feel need to buy new hamstrings. Dont get any help from the weather, running in the heat makes it harder and me more red.
The summer in Finland was beautiful, and busy. What really happened is hard to describe (and sometimes to remember) but I can give a list of highlights.

I did:
- play some football
- meet lot of nice birds
- remain single
- drink a pint
- ok, maybe two
- tried joga
- visited football schools and youth teams
- kiss a girl
- socialize
- go to ac/dc concert
- have a ear ache day after
- eat a lot
- say I am not local
- meet Stuart Hare,who wants his name here,in the internet cafe
- read and write
- some business
- paint some art
- dance tango and zorbas
- know that nobody liked it
- have my brothers bachelor party
- lie that the pie was good
- have fun

I did not:
- play much football
- get married
- have enough time
- make a benji jump
- why should I?
- eat that kebab
- sleep enough
- know how to do it
- even want to do it
- swear
- had my mobile on
- drink all those drinks
- go to Togo
- know where Togo is
- want my summer holliday to end

Sun is shining and the sea is blue. This was the first sentence in my first english school book. May it now be the last one in this summer story.

Remember to use sun cream because the sun is shining and the sea is blue,


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