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About haircuts

Finland - Belgium 4-1
Crystal Palace - Stockport 4-1

It was a good week. Really good week. Belgium game was more than good. Stockport game was good. This apple pie is quite good. In total there has been good football, good results, good fun, good food, good air hostesses and a good feeling. Good. It could sound that my vocabulary is limited. I think it is good enough. I almost even feel like a good man. However sometimes it fades away when I look into a mirror. And that is all because my hair looks like a jungle!
I am not that superstitious (how do you spell this word?) but in the start of every season I always let my hair grow until we get beaten the first time. Now I am a bit afraid that I could look like a rock star soon. Hair is growing too fast compared to good form we are.
Maybe it is good though. I need to save same money. Because haircuts are too expensive here. Me and Jovan Kirovski, both amateurs about London and haircutting, decided before training camp in Devon to go downtown to do some serious haircutting. We ended up into this place, which name sounded like shampoo, in Sloane square. The lady was nice and she did decent job. I even got a kafe latte or something french that tasted like a coffee with milk. Anyways it was 65 pounds. You would think that with that money I should look like a super model. But no. Same average hair you could get from the nearest mall with five pounds. Maybe the smell was a bit better or it could have been this kafelatte -thing that costed. I almost told the lady what I would expect with that money. Then I realised that she was not a hairdresser. She was a stylist. How could I have known, they both have scissors (? another difficult word).
Anyways it was an experience. Main point is that hopefully our form lasts long enough for me to find the nearest mall. It looks good now. We are playing good. The form is good. Not to worry about the hair, I have decided to turn the mirror. Then I look alike more super model than now.

This week I recommend:
1. Nearest mall
2. Kaffe latte
3. The word "good"
4. Airhostesses

I do not recommend:
1. Stylists
2. Limited vocabulary
3. Mirrors
4. Difficutl words

Let the hair grow,

Aki, soon to be a rockstar

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