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Since there was no game, there is no score either. Or life. Or story. A football player cant or are not alowed to do anything else. So whole week has been only training and watching old episodes of South Park. That is my whole life. Football players cant justify their living outside the pitch. Our meaning of life is just to kick the ball. Sometimes we hit it, sometimes South Park has better effect on earth.

If you really believe this, you must be a journalist for one of these gossip newspapers who propably will also print last chapter as a truth of the proffesional football players life in the U.K. And then one of these football programs wants me to explain everyone again what I really meant.

I might make it more simple for all the John Smiths in the world and write a common language and basic diary of my last, very easy and not too footballic week. This a normal? week of my life, when there is no games. In the end they are all the same and different, games or not.

- Waking up and... (ok, maybe not to detailed)
- Training at Beckenham 2h
- Interview with Football Sunday
- Gym and swimming 1,5h
- Inventing a new English word
- Dinner with a friend
- Writing new story to my homepages
- Watching South Park

- Reading sports philosophy
- Being tired
- Wondering why
- Thinking my next chess move
- Writing e-mail and answering to fans
- Gym 1,5h
- Golf near Guildford
- Socialising in the phone
- Dinner with friends
- Missing last train from Guildford

- Making the next chess move
- Football in the park 1,5h
- Cleaning the flat
- Deciding I can finnish the cleaning tomorrow
- Pilates 1,5h
- Studying economics
- Buying and selling shares
- Being succesfully lazy
- Surfing in the net
- Realising it is almost thursday

- Realising it is thursday
- Arranging flight tickets
- Trying to study economics
- Training at Purley 2h
- Arguing with a furniture salesman in Elys of Wimbledon
- Calling to a wrong number
- Trying to make exotic dinner
- Ordering Chinese food
- Playing guitar and watching a bad movie at the same time
- Wondering the benefits and risks of solarium

- Banking
- Training at Beckenham 2h
- Flight to Finland
- Flirting with the air-hostess
- Saying hi to my parents and stoling their car keys
- Bowling with friends
- Socialising with half Finland
- Giving awards at Finnish league football gala
- Socialising the other half of Finland

- Training football in the park 2h
- Shopping with my mom
- Meeting my financial advisor
- Gym with my brother 1,5h
- Dinner with friends
- Winning money in Casino
- Clubbing
- Miss believing that I always make sense

- Realising I dont always make sense
- Writing a column to a newspaper
- Lunch with my family
- Watching Finnish football game
- Bussiness meeting
- Sleeping the way back to London
- Gym 2h
- Going through the mail and mess
- Realising game or not, all the weeks are the same and goes fast
- Having no clue what shall I write to my homepages

So here is the overall picture of my last week. I have erased all the dirty and too everyday material. It has been very easy week, no pressure of games and only ten training sessions. I have also taken some liberations of my normal diet, sleeping times, studying and cleaning. What a rebel I have been! Then again next week I have to turn back to my strict life of no chinese food, no wondering why and no trips to Finland.

Being football player is a good life, but it is a hard life. Not every week you can miss your last train from Guildford. Often good games means good weeks and bad games bad weeks. However I dont categoryze myself as a football player. It is just something that I do. I dont live my life through football, I use football for living the life I want. I have been fortunate. My proffession is being me. I have big plans for the future but they have to wait. At the moment football is the best thing in my life. By far.

This week I recommend
1. Playing football
2. South Park
3. Bowling with friends

I do not recommend
1. Elys of Wimbledon (keep Your promises *¤#!¤¨#^@)
2. Missing last train from Guildford
3. Writing in the mornings



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