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Hammers and other tools

Crystal Palace - Crewe 4-1
Gillingham - Crystal Palace 3-0
Preston - Crystal Palace 2-1

My old man used to say:" The best hammer in the world will not help you if you try to hit the nails with your bare hand."

Crewe is a skilful, good moving and passing side, just like us. Those are our strenghts, the hammer. We used it properly. We did not hammer or nail Crewe but at least we did the right things to win. It was a beautiful day at work.

In Gillingham we forget how to use the hammer. We were armless, we did not use our weapons. We played their game not ours. And in that game we were second best all over the pitch. Silver medal might be good in table tennis at the Olympic games but not in the single football game. Cant remember who used to say that, but it is true anyway. It might have been my old man.

Preston was a bitter journey also. Sometimes you just miss hit, and then it is important to have the other hand far from the hammer to avoid permanent damage. However in the second half we returned back to our football and in some periods played the football that has brought us the results this season. And that is the way to do it. Believe in the style, work with the tools we have and the results will come. They will come.

Meanwhile I have been lost. Some nerts in USA hosting my website address lost my pages somewhere to WWW. How can that happen, I have never even lost anything to my messy BMW? And two weeks without my homepages has been boring like WWC. I have just watched NHL, CNN and B&W from VHS. Enough with shortenings. Me and CPFC, I quarantee WWBB like Arnold in T2.

With the response I have got, only my Mom and one John Smith noticed my absense and delays of the stories. Not big damage done there. On the other hand (the one that has not the hammer) now I have a perfect excuse of being around month late in my Q&A section. Be patient with your cool(io) questions, I c them when I get there, if I ever get there, hope I really get there. Sorry about that one, got carried away with this song in the radio. I will do my best to keep up in the net and on the pitch.

This time I recommend
1. Soccer Sunday (there u got)
2. Turnstyles -barbers
3. Blue Elephant -restaurant
4. Reading instead of watching the box
5. Rather being hammer than the nail

I do not recommend
1. www.osoite.com to lose my website again
2. Not using the hammer
3. Losing
4. My company couple of hours after lost game

We will be back,


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