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November rain

Coventry - Crystal Palace 2-0
Crystal Palace - Burnley 1-2

November is a useless month. Always a dull weather, bad results, small problems and even the girl calendar has a left-over babe on it. It was pointless to have this kind of well minging month at the first place. Only good thing with November is that Guns ´n Roses has made a great song of its rains. It really rained on us. I recommend November to be erased from the calendar.

December instead is the month full of suprises, fit calendar girls, joy and belief in many things. In this month I believe in two things: Crystal Palace and X:mas calendar.

One of the best childhood memories was to wake up every day with full of enthusiasm and belief that today there is chocolate in the X:mas calendar. Same goes now with football, we need the chocolate. I am sure that our belief, enthusiasm and positivity supported with hard work will give us the reward chocolate.

Sometimes you have a dissapointment since there is only a poster or other boring/useless stuff in the calendar. I think we had this kind of unfortunate day against Burnley. We did not play our best football but we tried hard and did not deserve to lose the game. I would like to say many things about this game but I have been tought to respect the game and the opponent.

Against Coventry anything could have happened, the result there also could have been different. However Coventry is a good side and we have to respect the result.

There has been some great stuff and work at the training ground lately. We have the knowledge, quality and work rate to write all the Novembers off from our calendar. That is just the matter of time and belief.

It was a bad month but I see a brighter light. I think that light will give some colour to my games and stories also. I have lot of stories to tell but I will save them to good times, which starts from this saturday.

I still cant help mentioning an amusing detail. I heard Observer newspaper has rumoured that singer Anastacia could be my next Mrs and because of that story I have received loads of nasty questions about it. Obviously it was a joke and I can assure that our relationship is strictly musical, I have only meet her in the radio. Whatever.

This week I recommend:
1. X:mas calendar
2. The babe of December
3. Panda chocolate

I do not recommend:
1. People who does not respect the game and other players
2. Moaning and negative people
3. November

May it be chocolate,


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