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Takaisin uutisiin

This is our Everest

Barnsley – Crystal Palace 1-3
Grimsby – Crystal Palace 5-2
Crystal Palace – Portsmouth 0-0
Crystal Palace – Watford 0-2

I was well excited after the Barnsley game. We won. We were back in business. We played reasonably well and had a good striking distance in the league. I scored for a change. Happy and confident about football and life I even decided to buy a new table lamp.

Less than two weeks later, after some horrific results and poor performances many things look not as happy days as they were. League table looks now in our eyes more like that minging woman bus driver from South Park than sweet Shakira. Even the table lamp is gone. It was accidentally executed in a moment of anger after Watford game.

I cant stand losing. It just something I have never reasonably been able to handle with. I have to admit that I cant even separate sports and my civil life. I am happy when we win but not much of a social fun when it is going badly. A lot, maybe too much I have sacrificed in the altar of success. Some of these days even the Chinese food has lost it sweetness leaving it all sour. What a disappointment has the last three games been.

Many results in this league have lately gone our way. Except our own ones. There is nobody else to blame. There never is. Not even Pop Idol contest producing average music and musicians unfortunately dominating the radio channels. However our situation makes me even angrier. This year could easily have been ours already. The teams now in the play-offs positions shouldn’t be better than us. We should have been well capable being up there.

But being up there cant include 5-2 defeat against second last team in the league (with all respect to good Grimsby side). Cant include not winning in the five home games in a row. Cant include not scoring in three home games in a row. Cant mean that the first goal seems always so important to us. Cant include so much bad football.

However it still can be. It is really hard, but possible if we play it hard. Moreover we have to play better. Behind every result and point there is a performance. We have to improve our game and believe in it. And it has to be a team performance. There aren’t any individual winners and losers, specially at this time of the season. There are only we that equals to Crystal Palace. And this is our Everest.

This time I recommend

1.Deportivo La Coruna
- way they play must be one of the reasons why football was invented -
- uutsimamma -
3.European stock markets
- I believe the cycle is now turning to happy days -

I do not recommend

1.Losing games and table lamps
- even table lamps have feelings -
2.Norton AntiVirus –program
- instead of protecting, it has made my computer behaving like a X:mas tree -
3.Will Young: Evergreen
- far from good pop, far from idol, far from evergreen -

Whenever wherever,


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