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Baby-sitting Oscars

Man City – Crystal Palace 1-0
Crystal Palace – Walsall 2-0

After each game there is only one thing for certain, the phone-call from my parents. They say it is their right as bringing me into this world to comment about every game I play. And they are really objective, after all they are watching the game through the newspaper comments on the Internet. And whatever has happened my Mum thinks we are the best team in the world. However according to the Division table Man City seems to be doing better. They proved my dear Mum wrong also in this game, but not with a large margin. I am convinced that in the end my Mum knows everything the best because she is the best. In the other end it was a dull game, with a dull result.

I was ordered to be baby-sitting great Ali Benarbia. It is not my ideal football experience but it is part of the job. It is so boring to follow 90 minutes just one player, especially French speaking. I had to be sharp all the time even though sometimes when we had the ball we were just standing in the sidelines looking chicks from the tribunes. It had to be like that because normally you can give five meters to a player but against him five yards could have been too much. He is very special like English measurements: I have no idea how much five yards is, but it sounds less than Alis good quality allows.

I think the game was intense and quite fair but apparently he broke one of his mouth equipment during the game. I don’t know what happened and when but obviously this is not good for anyone. That is just something that you dont wish to happen to any fellow professional. Especially with English dental care system.

The frustration and low confidence has recently been touchable in our club. We needed to get back into the business and that we did. Home against Walsall we played solid team performance. We weren’t too entertaining, efficient or creative but in the end we won the scoring chances 11-4 and the game 2-0. After all the disappointments and frustration I look the league table now and there is again this same enthusiastic feeling like in the younger years in the candy stores. We can still get our candy. Which is otherwise good except with English dental care system.

Easter is crucial. Whatever comes out from the Easter eggs will decide our rest of the season. In three days we can turn everything upside down. Except the fact that BBC radio channel is rubbish. Two hard games but if we are worth of play-offs we must handle this. I expect exciting and entertaining Easter games.

We are on entertainment business and sometimes you get awards for doing that. I dont know who this Oscar geezer is but I think it is a bit racialist that any athlete has never got that trophy. I most certainly have couple of candidates. However this year me as an Oscar Academy have awarded quite expected trophies:

Best Film: Lord of the rings
Best Foreign film: Minä ja Morrison
Best Actor: Joao Pinto (Sporting)
Best Actress: that woman who had weirdo husband (Beautiful Minds)
Best Speech at the ceremony: Halle Berry
Best Supporting role: that boy at Seat 210 on Holmesdale end (Selhurst Park)
Best Song: How do you remind me - Nickelback
Best Special Effects: My old rubbish car (BMW)
Best Costume: Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider)
Best Haircut: Cameron Diaz (Something about Mary)
Best Libanese Restaurant in Wimbledon: 7 Maisons
Best Female: Shakira
Best Minger: Bus driver from South Park
Best time to warm porridge in microwave oven: 3,18 minutes

This time I recommend:

1. Soccer Sunday
-nothing is better than having a good laugh with good people while watching football –

2. Frappier Acceleration speed training –system
-I thought I was too old and slow of a dog to catch anything anymore –

3. Tony Cascarino: Full time
-the most honest and really refreshing football biography, great book, the man is a legend –

I do not recommend

1.Fashion polices
-I think it tells enough about these people that they are judging other people because of their clothes –

-I have never figured out why I am the most tired straight after the longest rest of the day –

3.English measurements
-you must be stoned to invent measurement system with feet, inches and miles -

Happy Easter,

Oscar Riihilahti

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