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What is wrong in the world!

Oh my God..

The whole of Argentina lives and dies within ninety minutes. Costa Rica produces less coffee. Senegalese family buys their first television. In Brazil it is full anarchy. Biggest rumours suggest that Roger Milla will become the president of Cameroon. Polish people are wondering why the Pope wants to resign just before June. Nigerians are painting their country to the map of the world. Ecuadorians do whatever Ecuadorians usually do.

Typical Englishman John Smith is more concerned about Beckhams fitness than his own wives. Typical Chinese man Som Young Guy is not trying to grow the population of his country for over one month. Typical German Jurgen wants to check from the map that where about in Europe the cheating Uruguay is located. Typical Turkish man Georgos doesn’t even bother to try to pull blonde tourist girls. Dutch people are gutted. Nobody really knows if there is a typical Swedish man because typically beautiful Swedish girls are far more interesting.

Paraguayn newspapers are concentrated writing about the injustice of referees. French people want to noble the z –letter. Less Mexican tries to illegally boarder to USA because every dude there is buzzing about the NBA finals. Danish people have so much fun, that beer and clapping caps are brought into the Copenhagen stock markets. In Croatia the pain and wounds of the war are forgotten for a while. Even once there are more tourists with their cameras in Japan than the country can import to the world.

Tunisian carpet salesman takes one month long siesta. And caramba, in Spain everything happens manana. Portugal tries to get self-confidence after humiliatingly losing to Finland. Autumn collection in Milano consists only from boots. I cant figure out anything from Belgians or South Africans but Saudi Arabian police confiscates couple of too colourful supporter scarfs as a conduct of huliganism. In Ireland the consumption of Guiness is counted to the book of world records. South Korea grins towards the north. Who even cares what is happening is Russia.

What can make all this chaos in the world to happen? No more or less than a round object, and the sport around it! It is the ultimate festival of the king of all sports. Footballs World Cup will dominate the summer and the world.

To sum up all this nonsense about the different countries: In football the white lines are the bounds of the game. And this game doesn’t have any other boundaries: the pitch is worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether your touch to football is soft or heavy, but the World Cup touches you definitely in some way. Whoever, whatever and wherever you are, it is hard to try to ignore the most popular sport event in this universe. And who even wanted to? Maybe the girls who are losing their men to telly for one month! Personally, I would have loved to be now in Japan or South Korea instead of Finland, but unfortunately I can’t. Not that I have too busy schedule over the summer but we just didn’t qualify this time. Everyone has had they chance. Only best are there. And also Slovenia is participating

This time I recommend:

1. Watching World Cup
2. Not watching all the games
3. To invent couple of good excuses not to come to work in certain days

I do not recommend:

1. Neglecting your family and girlfriend because the importance of World Cup
2. Betting your money on Slovenia
3. Watching all the early games in the pub and became an alcoholic

It is only every fourth year,


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