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Compartment Nightmares

Gillingham – Crystal Palace 1-0
Blackpool – Crystal Palace 1-3
Wigan – Crystal Palace 5-0

My nightmares seem to have no end: last night for example I was dreaming about Halle Berry in a bath in one room and Shakira belly-dancing in another. I woke up sweating since I didn’t know which one to choose. It has been really tough time for me!

Seriously, it has not been a good start for our or my season. After couple of good results in the first rounds we have not done the business and have performed poorly. For many reasons I haven’t been playing and when occasionally have had my run at the pitch I haven’t really played my best. It has been really frustrating for all of us.

More bad news at my behalf came the other week at Wigan. Not only were we trashed 5-0 and being humiliated by the result and by playing awful at the television game but I also personally had couple of setbacks. I had to come off at early minutes because of flue and fever, and looking it at now I should never have played at the first place. Moreover I got a knock on my shin. It didn’t seem to be that bad at the time but it turned out to be more serious one.

I had to stay in bed for a week because of my illness but still the leg didn’t seem to heal. Luckily our physio Steve Allen decided that we should take MRI –scan of it. Radiologist were immediately wristing his head. Straight to hospital and surgery of compartment syndroma.

It is weird how the days can change. I was originally on my way to training to try to impress the new manager by being good at training. I ended up not training and being operated at the hospital, where I had to stay for three days. Not a training day I had planned, but good that everything was found out and done so quickly.

I have now two more weeks to be fit. And I am looking forward for that. I am hungry. And that is not just because this hospital food is rubbish.

" I get knocked down but I get up again "
- Chumbawamwhatever and Me

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