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You only get what you order

Djurgården - Malmö FF 1-0
Malmö FF - Djurgården 1-1

The average running speed with a hamstring that is cramping is the same of an experienced hungry camels. So you got to go back to basics after 60 minutes just to finish the game because you are turning with a ball like a freezer refrigerator combination. Football is not only about condition, though. There are many ways to compete but I got to admit with my style 70 percent fitness feels like going to a shower with an umbrella. Still, I have never and will never want to hide behind excuses, I have said that it is my responsibility to be countable and judged straight away. If’s and but’s don’t belong into my menu. You only get what you order. That is fair.

So nothing spectacular yet, but I am happy with the double fixture against one of the best teams of the league, Malmö FF, because we made ourselves proud with taking four points with decent performances. In result of that, now we have really given ourselves a chance, made a statement and claim for the trophy.

On a sad note, the unfortunate collision with two Malmö players that resulted to a head injury for both of them and hospitalized Ola Toivonen is something that you would hope never to happen to any fellow professionals, I wish Ola a good recovery.

This time I recommend:
1. Stockholm
- I haven't made up my mind yet whether the city or the girls are more beautiful here
2. Cafe Albert
- After being violated by German coffee shops finally I can get a decent capuccino again, plus smoothies and chicken pasta are winners also

I do not recommend:
1. House hunting system in Sweden
- you are not allowed to buy or rent anything from anywhere ever, please all stay in your hotels
2. 24 season 6
- although being tortured in last 24 hours Jack Bauer has saved the world 3 times, affected lives of 300 million people and made 2 women to fall in love with him... what have you done today!


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