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Results are never fair, football should be

IFK Göteborg – DIF 1-1
You got to respect the game, the result and the opponent. We came close to win a game where we never really played at our level. Apparently we didn’t deserve to win and according some people even this result was injustice. When football started to be so fair? Socialism or karma doesn’t apply to our beloved game. You got to be a man to get any results that are there for you no matter the how and the why. More important is to be a man and respect this. I learned this in traditional football countries England and Germany. There players and football people don’t always make excuses, bleed referees to give cards to other players and never talk about fellow professionals in the press. These actions are disrespectful, coward and present the game in a wrong light. Everyone has 90 minutes time to make justice for himself and talk with actions when the game is on, there is only fake braveness after the final whistle.
After another draw I needed to get back to the winning feeling so I launched an air-hockey –table tournament at the club. 32 participants from players to a kit man and managers to a mental trainer were drawn from different sides of the cup competition. Even if it is just fun, last thing you want to do is to lose to your team mate to prevent fierce banter so the competition was really intense from the first moment. In the first round I beat our Gambian keeper Tembo, who looks like the guy in the film Green Mile, with an easy margin 9-2. His hands were way too big for the air hockey table. But he didnt complain.

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