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Totti for president!

Imagine what it would be like to come to the work and hear every day the latest news of AS Roma from a shaved wannabe-Italian, who have arms bigger than his car? Or to get a rehab program from a guy who keeps a picture of Totti in his wallet? Our physio could be the closest thing to a space cadet I am ever going to meet, but he is also a great guy and entertaining as anything with his “Totti for president” -movement. Plus he does his job well which is the most important part of the rehab day. I am just afraid that he is going to name his new puppy “Francesco” or even “Totti”. In that unfortunate case, imagine what the poor little bulldog must go through in a doggy park!
The big semi finals in the air hockey tournament had been on hold because of a lot of excuses made by mostly South American players but today we finally managed to get the finalists. So far convincing Thiago lost 9-5 to Arneng, whose standard had not yet been tested by worthy opponents, but he now showed determination and class to reach the final. I was in trouble in my own semis against fitness trainer Palmar, who defended extremely disciplined and shot some quick counter attacks. My wall shots still worked but the Paul Scholes in disguise came back to 8-8. However, I kept my nerve and powered my last back hand shot in to reach the final.

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