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And the winner is..

DIF – Örebro 4-1

It’s like riding a bicycle... you know how the saying goes. Our physios have actually taken it too literally, before the Örebro game I had been on a bike every day since I got injured a month ago. Preparing for Tour de France worked better than expected, I didn’t come back as Lance Armstrong but strong enough anyway. Well, one could also argue that I can’t really forget how to play football because I have never learned how to do it at the first place. Either or, it was great to be back after a well planned and executed rehab. Both our bald physios have done a great job, thank you for that.
Even better was the victory. We have shown throughout the season we can produce results but now we also gave a great performance. Decisiveness, quality and desire were brilliant from the first minute and there were no unanswered questions from our part after the game. With the best performance of the season we also set the standard for ourselves to keep.

ps. I don’t like losing. So I don’t. Air hockey final against Arneng could have been a Finnkamp to many but I made sure there were no places for question marks. After a long air hockey club championship tournament I claimed the trophy by winning 9-3 the final. I have to invent a new tournament quickly, because I don’t think boys like playing air-hockey against me anymore because I take it too seriously ;)

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