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Danke schön für alles Rote Teufels,
I should really hire simultaneous interpreter to dub my text because so far I have not even once got what I ordered for dinner, so I promise to work on my German also in the sake of hunger. What else can I promise? Professionalism and dedication are not really promises as they should come automatically for a footballer. Results are neither something you can give your word on as there are too many variables in football. So I can only promise I have chosen a club that I wanted to come even if it wasn’t top of the list otherwise. I have come to Germany to give all I have to get FC Kaiserslautern promoted. If not, I consider this a failure and will take the responsibility of it. There is not much else to say, we should let the football speak the rest. However, I wanna thank everyone from your letters (some attached below) and the welcome I have received, especially the team that has bonded well and trusted me the vice captaincy only after a month in the new club. We are still unbeaten, including impressive victories over Liverpool, Werder Bremen and Red Bull Salzburg. That is a good starting point to build a joyful, healthy and successful season. I know already that K-town and you will be there then. And yes, I will start answering your questions as soon as I know other than dirty words in German. Auf wiedersehen,

Sent by: Slartibartfass, BuechnerSchorsch@compuserve.de
Time: 26/06-2006 04:24
Hey Aki,
I've heard about the rumours you could play in Kaiserslautern, Germany next Season. After studying your homepage and recognizing you are used to shoot only nice goals I'd be glad to welcome you in my favourite football-club. To give you a subtle hint: 1. FC Kaiserslautern will win the Championsleague in 2008! Keep that in mind.
tervetuloa in kaiserslautern ;)

Sent by: Marcus Birnbaum, birnbaum1980@freenet.de
Time: 26/06-2006 04:33
Hello Aki.Please come to 1.FC Kaiserslautern (Germany).We have a nice Team.
Marcus from Berlin

Sent by: carsten, carstenkrick@web.de
Time: 26/06-2006 04:57
Hi Aki. In German Kicker.de are news that my club 1.Fc Kaiserslautern will be contacted you... Come you to Kaiserslautern?? We fans will you be WELCOME in K-TOWN!!!! :-)

Sent by: Julian Muth, Julstoepsel@aol.com
Time: 26/06-2006 07:05
hi aki,
I have read in a german sport-paper "kicker" that the 1.FC Kaiserslautern from germany is interset at you. The coach of Kaiserlautern Wolfgang Wolf likes your variety. I want to know is that right?
I´m sorry about my mistakes, in the text i´m form germany
Good bye Julian Muth

Sent by: Dieter Seyfert, dieterseyfert@gmx.de
Time: 26/06-2006 07:28
Hallo Aki,
wir freuen uns wenn Sie zum 1.Fck kommen.
Herzlich willkomen in der Pfalz
Dieter Seyfert

Sent by: Lennart Schuck, lennart.schuck@web.de
Time: 26/06-2006 08:42
Hello Aki,
do you like to play for the 1.FC Kaiserslautern???
I´m a big fan of one of the most popular clubs in Germany. We had a big history (Fritz Walter and Andreas Brehme) played for our club and we have a fantastic Stadium, Fans and Atmosphere )If our trainer Wolfgang Wolf will ask you, please say yes, we will welcome you and you will help us to come back to the first german football league!
Greats Lennart

Sent by: Christian Denk, palimpalim7@aol.com
Time: 26/06-2006 11:06
Hello Aki
In German Newpaper Kicker the top news. Aki Riihilahti goes to Kaiserslautern. If the News are right welcome to Hell of Betzenberg. Welcome and never walk alone!!!!!!
Forever FCK
(My Englisch is not good)

Sent by: reddevil, reddevil@mail.com
Time: 26/06-2006 12:36
There's a rumour, that your going to play for Kaiserslautern FC soon. Is it true???

Sent by: Nico, nico90@arcor.de
Time: 26/06-2006 12:55
Hello Aki! I´m a fan of the German Club 1.FC Kaiserslautern that plays in the 2nd league next season. Today the kicker-magazine wrote that it could be that come to our club. What can you say about this?
Greetings from Germany

Sent by: Diego, diego-vicente@web.de
Time: 26/06-2006 13:06
Hey Aki,
is there any possibility for you comming to the 1. FC Kaiserslautern into the 2nd league of germany?

Sent by: Dustin, dustinhoffmann@hotmail.com
Time: 26/06-2006 15:54
Hey aki =) Im from Germany and i hope you play for fck next season !! we got the best fans in the wort ...
see you next year in the HELL of Germany....

Sent by: Vincent, vbweil@hotmail.com
Time: 27/06-2006 02:41
Hi. I'm a fan of the german club 1. FC Kaiserslautern. I've heard some rumors that our club is interested in you. Is that true?
By the way, if you follow this link you'll be able to see the whole artivle in which you're mentioned: http://www.kicker.de/fussball/2bundesliga/startseite/artikel/351649

Sent by: K-Town, betze@fck.de
Time: 28/06-2006 06:51
Hello Aki!
Welcome to Kaiserslautern and good luck!

Sent by: Markus V., eye_of_the_tiger@web.de
Time: 28/06-2006 06:52
Hi Aki,

I just want to welcome you to your new Club Kaiserslautern. I hope you will have a nice time there. We are all looking foreward to see you playing there.



P.S.: Will you continue writing this nice articles for the times? ;o)

Sent by: martin, fck-fan@vr-web.de
Time: 28/06-2006 07:34
hi aki i´m a fan from 1.fc kaiserslautern.i´m very happy that you come to this wonderful club.good luck for the new season.best wishes martin
Sent by: suYin, suyin@suyinchen.de
Time: 28/06-2006 08:01
Welcome in Kaiserslautern Akiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;D

Sent by: Florian, hoegflo@aol.com
Time: 28/06-2006 08:05
hey aki,nice to see you at my favourite club kaiserslautern.what expectations do you have about playing there?i hope you can play well at our side.
best wishes

Sent by: Christian, cda1986@t-online.de
Time: 28/06-2006 08:18
Hi Aki!
I just wanna say - welcome to kaiserslautern!
Have a great time in the Hell of Germany!
Now you are a red devil^^

Sent by: Olli, zba-getraenkewart@gmx.de
Time: 28/06-2006 08:30
Welcome to Germany!!!!

Sent by: Timo, timo.matheis.1978@web.de
Time: 28/06-2006 08:58
I welcome you in Kaiserslautern and wish you good luck.

Sent by: FCK Fan, zandi1990@freenet.de
Time: 28/06-2006 09:04
Hi Riihilahti
Ich wünche dir viel viel viel Glücl beim FCK!! und hoffe du wirst stam spieler und machst tore!!!

Sent by: Rosso, rossobianco@gmx.net
Time: 28/06-2006 09:27
Welcome to K-Town, Aki!
You semm to be a "Womanizer" if I try to subscribe your photos, so we have a lot of female supporters here, they will be very pleased!
But for me as traditional fan:
What where the reasons to join us and what do you know about your new club?

Sent by: Martin, martinf112@aol.com
Time: 28/06-2006 09:39
I would like to say Hello in name of all the supporters of 1. FC Kaiserslautern. We are glad to have you with us in the next season. Hope, you´ll help to get Kaiserslautern back to where it belongs: First Bundesliga!
See you and have a good time with us!

Sent by: Lex Luga, LugerLex@gmx.de
Time: 28/06-2006 09:48
Hallo Aki,
here is my Question:
What are the reasons for your tranfer to 1. Football Club Kaiserslautern... are you unhappy about your spotive situation in england... or are you lokking for a new challenge in germany?
I wish you a good start in Germany and i hope we will see us in K-town sometimes ;-)

Sent by: Benni, Jin_Chilla@web.de
Time: 28/06-2006 10:09
Hey Aki, I want to say a happy welcome to Kaiserslautern, I am excited to see you play for our red devils!!!!
Welcome to our Hell, hope you will enjoy it with us,hope to see you soon,Benni

Sent by: Oliver, xxx@xxx.xx
Time: 28/06-2006 10:15
Welcome to Kaiserslautern!!!

Sent by: Vill, dominic.willkomm@willkomm-wein
Time: 28/06-2006 10:18
hello aki
welcome to kaiserslautern
what is your goal for the next season with kaiserslautern
greet from germany

Sent by: Marc Weigel, Marc.Weigel@t-online.de
Time: 28/06-2006 10:51
Hi Aki!
Welcome at the best football club of the world :).
As a fan of one of best traditional clubs of Germany, the 1.FC Kaiserslautern, I wish you the very best for the season, health and energy. I hope you will shoot us back into the Bundesliga! Greetings Marc

Sent by: Tyll@FCK, wrase@hotmail.de
Time: 28/06-2006 11:15
Hi Aki.
What do you like in Kaiserslautern???

Sent by: Alex, iceman7684@gmx.de
Time: 28/06-2006 12:58
Hi, Aki ! Welcome to Kaiserslautern ! Do you think we will come back to the 1. Bundesliga next year ? And what do you expect at Kaiserslautern ?

Sent by: Martin Dellmuth, martin.dellmuth@web.de
Time: 28/06-2006 12:58
Hey AKI,
jeg er en tysker og snakke lidt dansk. Jeg er en stor fan fra dit nyt fodboldclub 1. FC Kaiserslautern. Vi alle ønsker dig en rigtig godt ankomst i den dejlig byen Kaiserslautern, med it skønne fodboldarena. Gir du alt dit styrke og motion til holden, så har du alt fan's understøttelse. Vi håber, du har it godt tidt her i Kaiserslautern og mange glimrendekamperne.
Hilsen fra østersøen, i navn fra fan-cluben "Red Devils Grammersdorf/Ostholstein

Sent by: betzebub, betzebub2304@lycos.de
Time: 28/06-2006 13:52
Welcome to K-Town Aki.

Sent by: kalusha, ms@dds.nl
Time: 28/06-2006 14:23
Hi Aki,
I'm a fan of your new club FCK and I'm looking forward to see you play at the Betzenberg.
I wonder what made you decide to come over to Kaiserslautern and help us get back on our feet again? It's true that we are a great club and we do have the best fans in Germany, but after relegation more than half of our squad left except for a couple of very talented youngsters. Next season the club is facing its biggest challenge in history.
Do you like challenges?
Cheers, k

Sent by: Lars, webmaster@Altrhoideiwel
Time: 28/06-2006 14:31
Welcome to Hell Aki.
I wish you the very best in the gratest Football-Club in the World.
Best wishes
The Altrhoideiwel

Sent by: Ralf Straßner, columbo-fan@web.de
Time: 28/06-2006 15:15
Hi Aki,
this is no question, i just want to congratulate you to your new club Kaiserslautern. I wish you the best for your time at us! I think it was a good decision to play in the first class in Germany next year ;-)
Greets from Germany, Ralf

Sent by: Patrick Kall, Patrick-Kall@freenet.de
Time: 28/06-2006 15:32
Hi Aki my Name is Patrick and I am from Kaiserslautern welcome to the FCK family.
Seems like you are an intersting guy.
Send me a Mail when you are in town I can show you best places
Regards Patrick

Sent by: Susanna K, susanna-k@web.de
Time: 28/06-2006 15:43
Moi Aki. Terkkuja Saksasta. Kuulin juuri, että olet tulossa tänne pelaamaan. Asun Saarbrückenissä (lähellä Kaiserslauternia). Mikäli suomalaiskontaktit kiinnostavat, niin ota yhteyttä. Terkuin susku ja saksalaiset fanisi

Sent by: marco, bemacaha@freenet.de
Time: 28/06-2006 15:53
hi aki,
welcome to kaiserslautern!!
we are happy,you will play for our team next year. i hope we, the fans, and you`ll have a great season and we all can celebrate at last ;-)
good luck,best wishes

Sent by: fab, fabian33@gmx.net
Time: 28/06-2006 16:38
good luck in k-town first of all. what do you aspect of that new county, what du you know about the famous supporters in kaiserslautern?

Sent by: Joachim, JoachimKieser@web.de
Time: 29/06-2006 00:31
Welcome to Germany Aki. We hope, that you help our Team to come back in the first league. Your Homepage need a new part - a german Part. Good luck Aki

Sent by: Dennis, denmue@gmx.de
Time: 29/06-2006 01:48
Hi Aki,

welcome to Germany.

Glad you made it to my favourite team 1.fc Kaiserslautern!

I wish you all the best!

What do you excpect of Germany and especially your new Team?



Sent by: Knuth, td_aus_f@gmx.de
Time: 29/06-2006 01:55
Hello Aki, welcomely in Kaiserslautern. I wish you a beautiful and successful time.

Sent by: Thomas Ehser, tommyerazor@hotmail.com
Time: 29/06-2006 02:04
on a successful time with 1.FC Kaiserslautern

Sent by: Jan, pfaelzer86@web.de
Time: 29/06-2006 02:14
Hello Aki,
i hope you´ll fight for our team and bring us back to the Bundesliga!

Sent by: Foegli, bo-dee@gmx.de
Time: 29/06-2006 02:15
Welcome to Kaiserslautern Aki!
If you´re willing to fight on the pitch, You´ll have the Time of your life here!
Are you playing in the offense Midfield or in the defense Midfield?

Sent by: Funky, hotfunkes@lycos.de
Time: 29/06-2006 02:50
Hi aki!
I`m very proud to welcome you to 1.FC Kaiserslautern.What do you expect for next season?

Sent by: Manuel, baernibaer@t-online.de
Time: 29/06-2006 02:52
Viel Glück bei uns in Kaiserslautern!Hoffentlich wirst du ein richtiger roter Teufel!

Sent by: ktownrulez, philipp@gosub.de
Time: 29/06-2006 03:05
hi aki,
welcome to kaiserslautern. after surfing your website i'm sure that you will love the 1.fck and the fans will love you too!!!

Sent by: Funky, hotfunkes@lycos.de
Time: 29/06-2006 03:09
Hi aki!
I`m very proud to welcome you to 1.FC Kaiserslautern.What do you expect for next season?

Sent by: Christian, Hollerbach1904@aol.com
Time: 29/06-2006 03:29
Hallo Aki,
grüße aus Kaiserslautern. Die Fans des FCK wünschen dir viele Gute spiele bei unserem FCK. Und natürlich das du nächstes Jahr mit uns zusammen in der 1.Liga zu Hause bist, gelle.
Viel Glück
Chritsian aus KL

Sent by: Funky, hotfunkes@lycos.de
Time: 29/06-2006 04:04
Hi aki!
I`m proud to welcome you to 1.FC Kaiserslautern.Thats a good choise!What do you expect for common season?And do you know any player of the team?
Sent by: Marco Steinbach, ace_ofplates@yahoo.de
Time: 29/06-2006 04:04
best wishes,

Sent by: kalle, kalpelto@cc.jyu.fi
Time: 29/06-2006 09:17
Sprechen Sie deutsch? Millä aseilla meinaat ottaa "tunkkireisiliigan" haltuun?

Sent by: michael, mi.essig@web.de
Time: 29/06-2006 10:26
hey aki!welcome to the greatest club of the world: FCK!!i wish you a great time and i hope that are as good in playing as in writing..:-)
am i right?

Sent by: Philip, xangelcrewx@aol.com
Time: 29/06-2006 12:26
Hey AKI!
welcome to the best club in german football!
Welcome to Kaiserslautern!
Hope you enjoy your time over here and lead us up in the Bundesliga again!
Thanx for joining us!
visit the best internet community about the "red devils"

Sent by: Maddin, m-hensler@gmx.de
Time: 29/06-2006 12:30
I know it´s not a question,
but good luck in kaiserslautern! Make us proud!
Sent by: Pete, shadybrain60@hotmail.com
Time: 29/06-2006 14:40
Welcome to Kaiserslautern!!! we wish you all the best in our little city! back to the bundesliga!! :)

Sent by: Stephan Mueller, C1Steph@aol.com
Time: 29/06-2006 14:43
Dear Aki,
Let me be the first fan to welcome you at your new club 1. FC Kaiserslautern in Germany.I am sure I speak for all of us fans in saying that we are happy to have you on board. I am curious to know what motivated you to sign up with the Red Devils? Would you mind sharing your first impressions of the club, the owners, the coach and the environment there at the Betzenberg?
Thank you.

Sent by: Michael, IFrawaKa@aol.com
Time: 29/06-2006 14:53
Welcome in Kaiserslautern AKI!
Sent by: chris mccarthy, ilevakam-graphics@gmx.net
Time: 29/06-2006 15:01
hi aki...welcome to kaiserslautern....hope you'll have a great impact on the team...you'll love our stadium and our fans :)
all the best

Time: 29/06-2006 15:19
Hallo aki,
herzlich willkommmen bei den roten Teufeln vom Betzenberg.
Wir alle hoffen, zusammen mit Dir aufzusteigen. Dafür ist vor allem mannschaftliche Geschlossenheit wichtig.
Meine Frage: Wie gut ist dein Deutsch und was tust du, um es zu perfektionieren ?
Viele Grüße vom höchsten Fussball-Berg Deutschlands, der Hölle der Liga: Betze

Sent by: www.fck-diskussionsforum.de, fckdiskussionsforum@googlemail
Time: 29/06-2006 15:20
Hello Aki,

welcome in K-Town. Thanks for joining our club. With your fighting spirit and talented skills on the field we hope to come back again in the german first devision (Erste Bundesliga).

Greetings from germany

the users of fck-diskussionsforum.de

Sent by: Nico, nico.gehm@gmx.de
Time: 29/06-2006 16:33
Welcome at the FCK!
We urgently need intelligent personnel, so feel free to feel good here.
Its different from Britain, but we got the "WE" here in Kaiserslautern.
If you need any inofficial statement about anything concerning Germany write me a mail.
But as you probably won't,
take my advice:
as you really seem to like Toyota have a Supra instead of the Celica.
And bring some girls from Suomi.
Best wishes

Sent by: Sebastian, fox_da_man@gmx.de
Time: 30/06-2006 01:07
Hello Aki!
Welcome to our club 1.FCK!
Greets, Sebastian

Sent by: Roteteufel, korvaus@hotmail.com
Time: 30/06-2006 03:59
Mahtavaa, että siirryt Saksaan! Vaikuttiko päätökseen tyylikkäät Kappan pelipaidat?

Sent by: FCK-Fan, sdf@aol.com
Time: 30/06-2006 05:32
Hi aki,

We want to welcome u to Kaiserslautern HAve a nice Time’

Sent by: Mareetta H, mareetta.h@welho.com
Time: 04/07-2006 17:34
Ei kysymystä vaan onnittelut Kaiserslauterniin menosta. Viel Erfolg!
t. yhden naisen fanclub

Sent by: Christian Beller, ChristianBeller@gmx.de
Time: 09/07-2006 09:43
Hello Aki,
I am a Fan from the German Football Club Kaiserslautern...
I come from a Town,40kilometres from Kaiserlautern.
We say Welcome in Germany and i hope you shoot 10 goals and wie come in the first Bundesliga.
I wish you and your family all property with us. Much success for the future. Which we all again in league 1 play.
Greets from Dirmstein, Germany
Christian Beller
PS: About an answer I would be pleased much

Sent by: Mathias, weber2006
Time: 09/07-2006 13:02
What is your first impression of your new club and the fans of Kaiserslautern?

Sent by: THE SCHILLING´s, haaarryy24@gmx.de
Time: 10/07-2006 05:37

Sent by: FCK-Fan, Songbird_und_Maja@arcor.de
Time: 10/07-2006 14:02
Hi, are you already excited about your new club, Kaiserslautern? I hope you'll have a great time here!

Sent by: tim, timey5@gmx.de
Time: 13/07-2006 11:46
Do you like kaiserslautern and your new home : germany?
Do you like the people there?

Sent by: Ben, benhancer@gmail.com
Time: 15/07-2006 05:58
Hi mate!
It's time to update you page and tell your fans how nice Germany is. :-)

Sent by: Chris, suyin@suyinchen.de
Time: 16/07-2006 13:38
Hey Aki, welcome here in Kaiserslautern ;)
Can u please write your Kaiserslautern News in English ? ;)
Thanks alot !

Sent by: Gerald F. Wabra, gfwabra@t-online.de
Time: 17/07-2006 00:33
Huomenta ja tervetuola in Kaiserslautern!
My name is Gerald, suppporting my home town club FCK, and for the moment I am working in FIN, Olkiluoto New Power Plant.
I wish you all the best for the coming season, have a good start and finally you lead the FCK back to 1st league. :-)
Hope to see you one time in FIN or at FCK.

Sent by: betzebub, betzebub2304@freenet.de
Time: 17/07-2006 15:00
Welcome to k-twon aki

Sent by: Martin, sockemc@hotmail.com
Time: 19/07-2006 18:02
Hi Aki!
Welcome to Kaiserslautern!!!
Im a season ticket holder in Kaiserslauterns "Westkurve" and can't wait the new season to begin.
Unfortunately i don't speak any Finnish and couldn't read your texts about Kaiserslautern in your NEWS section (Even though i was surfing through the whole net for ages to find a Finnish--> German "Translation-machine";-). Do you plan to translate it into English?
My questions:
Will u try to publish some articles in German on your homepage or even in a German newspaper?
Was it like a culture shock to move from London to Kaiserslautern?
Why did you choose Kaiserslautern?
Thank you very much for joining FCK! Its not simply a football club its more! You'll figure it out! I'm sure!
Keep the faith and good luck!
Martin Wilhelm

Sent by: Patrick, www.roteteufel.de
Time: 22/07-2006 12:52
Aki,I'm a big fan of your new club Kaiserslautern.I just wanted tu ask:what are your aims
for the new season?
And I want to invite you to join www.roteteufel.de it's a discussion forum about the FCK.

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