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32 and not out

What is the best birthday ever? Family, godsons and bowling! There is no better present than watching a four year old boy with a ball way too heavy for him to get so excited after pushing it to roll slowly towards the bowls that he jumps up and down with his hands up. 27 times… yeah, we counted! Results didn’t matter... as long as something fell down they were winners every time. The kids had so much fun that they almost pissed themselves. So did I just laughing about it.
I am not a birthday enthusiast, though. I do appreciate all the presents, mails, phone calls and other birthday wishes – thank you so much for them – but I really don’t mind if it was just a Sunday. Partly because I am not the best myself remembering important dates, far from it, but mainly because I have learned to live and play that there should be always an achievement behind celebration. I did nothing 32 years ago, I just showed up. We should really celebrate parents on birthdays, after all they did all the work for those to be special days. So congratulations and well done mum and dad, although this might be contested too by a few people ;)
I am still playing football, writing, aiming for the world domination and being me. 32 and not out!
And if and most likely when I happen to forget your birthday, congratulations now anyway. Merry Christmas too!


ps. Children might be adorable but let's face it that I can't help who I am so I just couldn’t let them win bowling either ;)

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