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Peace...... NOT!

Santa exists and is too generous… I saw another proof of this today. My god son Kristoffer had written a letter to Santa that he has been a good boy and therefore he wishes three things for Xmas: skates, skies and a lego police motor cycle. He really had been a good boy but I cant help feeling that in the modern commercialized Christmas kids get spoiled with ridiculously irresponsible uncles like me. Kristoffer was happy but confused that he received many gifts he had not even wished for. I glanced my brother when yet another toy came out of a present and saw the desperation - not a singing one again. Santa had really provided "no sleep-too much noisy gifs" -tragedy to that family, poor parents!

Kids are weird. There were around 30 new toys to play with but they always kept fighting about the same toy, which ever that randomly was. During yet another cry burst I tried to calm them down by telling that they have to be good kids from now on too so that they would get presents also in the future and feel the same joy as today. Kristoffer replied: “I don’t know if we really need to that nice anymore. We got so many new presents today so maybe we don’t actually need more next year because we already have enough.” That cheeky little monkey, I thought, but his logic actually sums it up.

My Christmas… enjoying it with the family quietly and getting amused about the kids going mental. I did go jogging just before midday, though, just to protest and ignore that Turku is declaring Christmas peace to Finland that time. For those who are blessed for not knowing Turku, it is a Finnish version of Manchester or Göteborg, so just a wanna-be-city. Therefore, it is already a principle for me not to obey such tradition. I had a peaceful run, enjoyed all the Xmas messages and went later to the midnight mess at the Capital Church.

Merry Christmas to all of you and your closest! Most of all remember today and always that Santa is from Finland.
No, he is not my Dad.


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