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Honka – HJK 1-1

It is not always about how it is but rather how it looks like. Finnish football has enough good footballers, good talents and good games. Without a doubt I can say that HJK and Honka compare and could compete in other Scandinavian leagues.

However, it doesn’t look like that! The highlights we often see in television compares in quality to ones that daddy takes drunk on X:mas day with a brand new camcorder Santa just brought without the instruction manual. No close-ups, replays, action shots, angles… no chances for the game to look good when you can see half of the surrounding forests in the picture. Games look slow from distance shots, games look pale if there are not enough cameras and right angles, games look boring if there are no sounds or close-ups. Try to watch any sports from 60m distance without sound and you most likely start to prefer reruns of Columbo.

Even I could make from two games a compilation of myself which would make me look good enough to some scouts to consider this boy is not wood legged. But not from the landscape shots we get now. However, it is important to note that this is not the fault of the people producing them now because they have impossible mission with the resources and equipment they have each game. Still, if we want our beloved game to rise in Finland and create a decent football culture here we would need to be commonly respected, and for that we need the game and surroundings to look good. I believe that what happens now is not serving anyone or even appreciate the real level of the game we play in here.


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